DOOM Eternal Will Feature a New Enemy Type - Doom Hunter

During this year’s QuakeCon, the developers of DOOM Eternal have revealed a brand new enemy type. Called Doom Hunter, it’s a hulking mass of flesh, rockets, chainsaws, and cybernetics, who’s bottom half is a huge, rocket-powered hovercraft. Oh, and its only mission is to hunt down the Doom Slayer, aka you. What more could you possibly want from life?

DOOM Eternal Will Feature a New Enemy Type - Doom Hunter
DOOM Eternal Will Feature a New Enemy Type – Doom Hunter

Based on everything we’ve been seeing of the game, DOOM Eternal is gonna take everything that DOOM 2016 did, and ramp it up beyond 11. There’ll be a lot of new elements, one of my favorite of which is the Meat Hook. And, now we have our first solid glimpse of a new enemy type, called the Doom Hunter, via a new gameplay reveal trailer. The name really says everything; this is a monster that even the Doom Slayer might come to fear.

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The Doom Hunter is a demon made specifically to, well, hunt the Doom Slayer. He’s enormous, has several rocket launchers on its shoulders, and wields a flaming double chainsaw and what seems to be a gigantic railgun. Also, the entire bottom half is some kind of hovercraft. It is beyond all descriptions just how ridiculous and awesome this thing looks like. And, judging by the trailer, this isn’t just gonna be a one-and-done boss. It seems like the Doom Hunter will be plaguing us in several of the game’s locations. I can’t wait to cross chainsaws with this monstrosity.

And the Doom Hunter is just one of several demon types that will either debut or make a return in the game. Another new enemy type will be the Marauder, while creatures like the Pain Elemental and the Archvile will be arriving from previous titles. DOOM Eternal is launching on November 22nd, 2019, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. And also Google Stadia.

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