Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations - 2nd Birthday Challenge

Birthday cakes are special objects available in Fortnite Battle Royale during the celebration of the game’s second birthday. As is customary, there’s a challenge involving them, and if you complete it, you’ll get a new birthday-themed item. All you have to do is dance in front of several different cakes around the island. There are ten of them, and if you’re having trouble finding them, our Fortnite birthday cake locations guide will help you.

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fortnite birthday cake locations 2nd birthday
Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations – 2nd Birthday Challenge

Dance in front of different birthday cakes

The first one can be found in Paradise Palms, the desert town in the northeast. When you get there, head east, towards John Wick’s house. You’ll find the cake halfway between the two, on the hill with the solar array.

The next one is nearby, just a bit to the north. You’ll find it at the race track at the edge of the desert. As you approach, you’ll notice a hill south of the parking lot, between it and the spectator box. That’s where the cake is.

Continuing north, you’ll find another one at the woodland resort called Lonely Lodge. It’s to the west of the lookout tower, south from the lodge itself, on the hill with the camping tents. It might be difficult to spot from the air because of the boughs, but it’s there.

There’s also one at the farmstead in Fatal Fields. It’s pretty hard to miss – the cake is in the middle of the road, between the big red barn and the house.

Going back to marginally more urban areas, you’ll find one in Salty Springs. It’s in a cul-de-sac in the northeast of the town, directly south from the house with the abnormally deep basement (the one where the secret base used to be).

The next one is near the mining complex at Shifty Shafts. Go to the now-snowy mine and head towards the road in the west. You’ll find the cake at the parking lot, between the trucks.

Then there’s the one at Loot Lake. It’s pretty easy to spot, even from the air. You’ll find it on the first islet north from the portal.

If you head to the far northwest of the island, you’ll find another one. It’s in the scrapyard at Junk Junction. Once you enter the compound, head to the main open area, between the two buildings.

Like last year, there’s a cake in Pleasant Park. This time, instead of being in the outskirts, it’s right in the middle of the suburban nightmare. You’ll find it next to the rest area in the center of the city, the one with picnic tables.

The last one is in the viking village in the west of the map, on the border between the snowy part in the south and the grasslands in the north. The cake is on the east side of the biggest and northernmost house in the village.


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