How to Kill Marauder in Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Marauders are some of the hardest enemies in the game, and a lot of player have been having trouble figuring out how to beat them, especially in the Taras Nabad secret encounter. As it turns out, to defeat Marauders in Doom Eternal, you have to figure out their pattern and exploit it. That’s easier said than done, but it does work. To help you out your journey, here’s our How to Kill Marauder in Doom Eternal guide.

How to Kill Marauder in Doom Eternal
How to Kill Marauder in Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal How to Beat Marauders – Taras Nabad Secret Encounter?

To beat Marauders in Doom Eternal, and evnetually beat the Taras Nabad secret encounter, you have to dash around to prevent them from getting behind you, clear up the adds they summon, and shoot the Marauder when their eyes glow green. That’s the short answer. The long answer goes like this: Marauders are incredibly tough at any difficulty. To make things easier, kill all the extra enemies that they unleash at you. This will make things significantly easier, and here’s why: you want to keep an aim lock on the Marauder and stay at a mid-distance.

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Keeping your aim locked on the Marauder has several advantages. One, you can use your dash abilities to keep that precious mid-distance. Two, it makes it easier to keep the Marauder from getting behind you. If you stray too far, he’ll throw the ax at you. If you come to close, he’ll shoot you with his shotgun. Staying at mid-distance keeps you relatively safe. During the fight, use either the Super Shotgun or the Ballista, and shoot only when the eyes glow green. It’s worthless to fire when the shield is up.

marauder doom eternal how to beat
Keep a mid-distance & shoot when the eyes glow green

If you’re good and have the ammo, you can also use a technique discovered by Reddit user Legendary_J0SH to stun-lock the Marauder. When the eyes glow green, shoot the Super Shotgun, then quickly switch to the Ballista, fire, then switch back to the Super Shotgun, fire again. Keep going back and forth like that, and the Marauder should go down relatively fast. Or, you know, save a slug from the BFG and just cream the ugly Shao Kahn wannabe on the spot.

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