Doom Eternal Missing Bonus Skins & Redeeming Issues

Doom Eternal is finally out, but it’s not all hellspawn and gutterflies. A number of players have been frustrated because the game’s myriad bonus skins aren’t showing up. A lot of them have been trouble redeeming codes and keys from Twitch Prime and Best Buy, or the boxed version of the Deluxe Edition. This guide will tell you everything we know about Doom Eternal missing bonus skins & redeeming issues.

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doom eternal missing bonus skins redeem code
Doom Eternal Missing Bonus Skins & Redeeming Issues

If you’re wondering how to get the other bonus items, we’ve written a guide on how to redeem deluxe & preorder bonus items in Doom Eternal.

DOOT Revenant & shotgun skin missing

If you’ve bought the deluxe edition of the game, you’ll be getting these two skins. However, it seems like a lot of people haven’t received them yet. If you bought a physical version of the game, you should have a separate code for the bonuses. If you don’t contact your retailer and ask for one. If you bought digitally, all you can do is try the “reconcile entitelements” option in the settings. If none of those works, drop support a line.

Best Buy key missing from email

A number of people who’ve preordered from Best Buy have received emails with a simple “0” instead of the bonus skin code. Obviously, just entering the zero into the code redeeming dialogue box doesn’t work. You’ll have to pester them for the actual code, but keep in mind this is happening to more people than you think, so both the phone lines and the web chat will be crowded.

Where is the Twitch Prime Doomicorn skin?

The unicorn onesie skin that is exclusive to Twitch Prime doesn’t exist yet – that is to say, they haven’t sent out the codes yet. Give them a bit more time, then contact Twitch support if you still don’t get yours.

All of these issues should be resolved in the next few days, but if you still can’t redeem your codes and get your skins next week, make sure you contact either the retailer where you bought the game, Bethesda’s support, or both.

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  1. P

    Don’t forget about the skins you get for buying some of the older Doom games! I received my bonus red Doom Marine skin for Doom 3, but I haven’t yet received the one for Doom II, which I just linked to my Bethesda Account.

  2. J

    I bought a disc copy for PS4 from best buy and did get the email today with a code while I was out picking it up. The code is a 12 digit psn code that gets a checkmark as “valid” when I type it in but when I click to redeem I get the error “the code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid”. Well its release day so the code would have to be still valid and I didn’t type it wrong every single time. Has me wondering who on the inside is siphoning off these codes to resell online. Wouldn’t be the 1st time that happened.

  3. T

    I have not received my doomicorn skin or the skins that were supposed to come with the preorder. Pretty disappointed with Bethesda right now.

  4. C
    Christopher Przeracki

    My deluxe content isn’t showing, preorder bonuses, slayer club rewards, twitch prime content…..nothing. It’s as if I paid $200 for a helmet and base game. When will this be fixed because obviously some of this content exists, but none of it is there?

    1. M
      Mark Warden

      I’m having the same issue!

    2. M

      Same issue It says “You own this product” for the skin I’m missing in the game along with the other deluxe edition items I was supposed to get.

  5. J

    Same issue. I pre-ordered the collectors. I received no additional code for the pre-order bonus. Waited on a callback from Best Buy for 2 hours only to sit on hold for another half hour only to be told they forwarded the issue to their code master. I even opened a separate ticket with Bethesda. Still waiting to hear back.

  6. E

    Same with Me in terms of Best Buy. I pre-ordered a “physical” copy of the deluxe edition a month ago. I went to pick up on launch day, and not only did i not a my pre-order bonuses, but they gave me a standard edition. unfortunately i was too excited to play that it didn’t dawn on me until after i was playing for hours and the store had closed… Talk about crap luck

  7. J

    In addition to my previous comment from yesterday Best Buy had already disabled their inbound phone lines, webchat, and email for all stores prior to release so its impossible to contact them hence were all screwed as its quite dangerous to be going to those stores during this whole covid-19 situation.

    1. E

      So what now? are we expected to just sit this out or wait it out?

  8. Z

    Only problem I’m having is that I dont have my demonic slayer skin. It’s literally the only one missing from the bonus stuff I got for preorder. I was hoping to play the game fully through with it

  9. A

    The problem I’m having is that I select a skin and it shows up in the campaign but it doesn’t in battlemode.

  10. A

    My code doesn’t work from the COLLECTOR’S F*CKING EDITION OF THE GAME. I paid a LOT of money for this! And all I get is “something happened”. WHAT the f*ck happened? Give us some info so we can solve the damn problem!

  11. T
    Terry Spalding

    I just made a slayer account thing last night and still haven’t gotten the zombie slayer skin. Cant seem to figure it out but I now have TWO slayer club accounts and STILL have NO ZOMBIE SLAYER SKIN. Like coolio bruh

  12. N
    Nathan Clayton

    On top of it all. they give you a knowledge base with generic not really helpful answers and make it impossibly hard to actually contact someone for help. It would be cool if Bethesda actually gave a damn about it’s customers.

  13. J
    Jotaro kujo

    I recently had to change my bethesda account do to the dumb auto sign in. Signed into a non existing account. And now i can no longer get the doom 1 and doom 2 classic skins or the doom 64 plaque. Bethesda is such bullshit how has no one sued over this issue? All these skins should be unlocked ingame. So i dont even want to play not that i cant get the doom classic skins

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