Mission 8: Sentinel Prime Collectibles & Secrets Locations - Doom Eternal

Sentinel Prime is the 8th mission in Doom Eternal. It’s one of the easiest ones when it comes to collectibles and secrets – there are only thirteen of them, ten of which are required in order to clear the level 100%. Although the number is low in comparison with other maps, some of them can still prove tricky to gather. If you’re having trouble finding any of them, this guide will help you by showing all Mission 8: Sentinel Prime collectibles & secrets locations in Doom Eternal.

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mission 8 sentinel prime collectibles secrets locations doom eternal
Mission 8: Sentinel Prime Collectibles & Secrets Locations – Doom Eternal

Of the thirteen colletibles, most are codex entries. There’s also a few extra lives, which, although non-essential, are of great help. Here’s what’s necessary if you’re gunning for 100% completion:

  • Codex Page x9
  • Praetor Suit Point x1

The video below will provide you with detailed instructions on how to reach each and every one of the secrets on Sentinel Prime. Mission eight is going to prove a particular delight to those interested in the lore of the Doom universe. You might suppose that there aren’t many of those around, but the existence of more than one Doom novel suggests otherwise.

That’s all there is to it really. There’s no toys here, no albums, no cheats – none of those fancy-looking collectibles that unlock special achievements. Just a horrendous amount of dry text about some alien race that’s super important to both of the players interested in the background story of the proto-angry-shooty-man. There also the Praetor Suit Point, let’s not forget about that. It’s just one point, but one point can often mean the difference between buying a suit upgrade you really want and waiting before buying a suit upgrade you really want. And let’s face it, nobody like waiting for things, especially not suit upgrades they really want.

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