Mission 9: Taras Nabad Collectibles & Secrets Locations - Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Taras Nabad is mission 9 in the game, and it contains 31 secrets and collectibles for you to discover. You only need to find 24 of these collectibles and secrets in Taras Nabad to complete Mission 9 100%. Needless to say, a lot of these items are really well-hidden across the level, sometimes in places where you’d never think of looking. To help you out, here’s our Mission 9: Taras Nabad Collectibles & Secrets Locations – Doom Eternal guide.

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Mission 9: Taras Nabad Collectibles & Secrets Locations - Doom Eternal
Mission 9: Taras Nabad Collectibles & Secrets Locations – Doom Eternal

Taras Nabad, Mission 9 in Doom Eternal, has a grand total of 31 collectibles and secrets for you to find. Luckily, you “only” need to find 24 of them to complete the level 100%. Here’s the list of stuff you’ll need to collect if completion is all you care about.

  • Toy x3
  • Mastery Token x2
  • Codex Page x7
  • Cheat Codes x1
  • Sentinel Battery x3
  • Sentinel Crystal x1
  • Album x2
  • Praetor Suit Point x5

In the video below, we show you the full walkthrough of all the collectibles in the Taras Nabad mission. We include both those that you need to fully complete Mission 9, as well as the extras that you technically don’t need. You can also find verbal descriptions of some of the collectibles we think are the most important.

Taras Nabad Cheat Code Location – Reforged the Genie Lamp Trophy

The cheat code in Taras Nabad in Doom Eternal is behind a large, locked gate with a glowing red symbol. To get in there, proceed past the gate and climb the stairs on the left. You’ll find a cracked wall in the far left corner. Head left, and you’ll see the question mark on your left. This unlocks the Powerup Model Overdrive cheat code.

Where to Find Albums in Doom Eternal Taras Nabad Mission 9?

The first album in Taras Nabad is right after the huge gate where you kill the Marauder. Once yo’re past the gate, just before the Gas Can, jump of the left side of the bridge. Quickly dash to the small platform right beneath it. That’s where the question mark with the track from DOOM 2016 – BFG Division.

The second album comes much later in the game, when you come across a throne in the mouth of a huge bull head. There’s a platform behind and below the throne with a skull switch, so go down there and press it. This will activate two jump boosts. Use one of them to reach the cracked bit of ceiling just above the bridge where you entered the room and punch through it. The question mark with the track Rage from Quake II is in there.

How to Get Toys in Doom Eternal Mission 9 Taras Nabad?

To get the first toy in Taras Nabad in Doom Eternal, you need to get through the small grate barring the question mark in the small garden-like area. head to the corner diagonally from the grate, and punch it. Press the green button you reveal. This will raise a weird, glowing platform in the middle of the large staircase. Stand on it until it lowers, and the grate will lift. This question mark holds the Toy Cyber Mancubus.

The second toy is behind the cracked wall to the left of the giant fallen demon. The wall is pretty easy to notice. This is where you find the Toy Marauder.

The third toy, the Pain Elemental, is really difficult to get. Later in the level, you’ll have to drop down a huge hole. Approach the hole from the direction of the entrance into the room. As you drop down, make for the upper left side of the hole and be ready to strike the cracked bit of wall in a split second. It’s truly hard to pull of.

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