Doom Eternal Slayer Key & Gate Locations - Unlock Unmaykr with Empyrean Keys

Slayer Keys & Slayer Gates in Doom Eternal are secret keys that open special locations, respectively, and completing rooms behind the Slayer Gates rewards you with Empyrean Keys that you use to unlock the Unmaykr and whatever lies beyond. Only select missions in Doom Eternal have Slayer Keys and Gates; if you see the purple Slayer Gate on the map, that means the Slayer Key is somewhere in the level, usually in the vicinity, but really well-hidden. In our Doom Eternal Slayer Key & Gate Locations – Unlock Unmaykr with Empyrean Keys guide, we’re gonna show you exactly where to find both of them, get the Empyrean Keys, and how to use Empyrean Keys to unlock the Unmaykr weapon.

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Doom Eternal Slayer Key & Gate Locations Unlock Unmaykr with Empyrean Keys
Doom Eternal Slayer Key & Gate Locations – Unlock Unmaykr with Empyrean Keys

Where to Find Slayer Key & Gate in Exultia Mission 2 – Doom Eternal?

To find the Slayer Key and Slayer Gate in Doom Eternal Mission 2: Exultia, we’ll start right after you’ve passed the gauntlet of flying through flaming chains. When you land on the pentagram platform, jump straight to the climbable wall in front of you. Head to the left from the top of the wall, and climb to the highest point of the cave. Turn around and dash through the yellow pick-up and onto the next platform. You’ll spot another platform straight in front and below you, and that’s where you’ll find the Slayer Key.

As for the Slayer Gate, it’s right below the Slayer Key platform, towards the cliff wall. It is impossible to miss. Go inside and kill anything that moves to earn the Empyrean Key. You can use it the next time you’re in the Fortress of Doom to unlock one of six locks of the Unmaykr.

Doom Eternal Mission 3 Cultist Base Slayer Key & Gate Locations

Proceed through the mission until you come across a huge, dead, four-armed demon nailed to a cross. Walk behind the demon, and drop into the void. You have to grab the yellow monkey bars just below the demon. Use them to reach the climbable wall. Then, look to your right and boost to the next climbable wall. Climb to the top, then turn around and boost onto the monkey bars to reach the key. Walk through the bars that go down, drop to the lower level, then head to the right to find the gate.

How to Get Slayer Gate & Key in Doom Eternal Super Gore Nest Mission 5?

To get the Slayer Key in Mission 5 of Doom Eternal (Super Gore Nest), we’ll start from the giant, fleshy “tower” with a tornado of rubble and cars swirling around it and a jump pad in the middle. Dash towards the climbable wall and open the door of fangs with the blue key. Head to the left and drop through the hole covered in flesh. Follow the corridor and, when you come across another hole in the floor, drop down again. You’ll see the key near the busted windows.

From the key, exit the building through the busted windows and dash towards yet another flesh-covered platform. Then, jump across the chasm to the narrow “bridge”, and from there, simply proceed through the Slayer Gate into the chamber. Prepare to rumble.

Mission 6 Eternal Arc Complex Slayer Gate & Key Location in Doom Eternal

This time, we’re gonna start with the location of the Slayer Gate. From the somewhat hidden Mod Bot (location on the map below), head towards the wooden double-doors. Head left and climb up the stairs, and you’ll find the gate on your right.

From the gate, head onto the platform in front of it. Look up and to the right, and you’ll spot the climbable wall. Jump on it and climb as far as you can. Then, turn around and boost your way towards the Slayer Key.

Where to Find Slayer Key & Slayer Gate in Mission 7 Mars Core?

To find the Slayer Key and Slayer Gate in Doom Eternal Mission 7 Mars Core, you’ll have to make your way to Union Aerospace. Check out the exact location in the images below. Go into the building and find the small room marked as Operations. Enter the room and push the small, yellow button to raise a platform. Climb on it, and look above and to the right. Climb to the cracked grate and punch it open, then go to the right to find the Slayer Key.

As for the Slayer Gate, drop down the grate that opens when you collect the key. Go to the left, down the corridor, and then to the right. You’ll be right in front of the gate. So, go inside, rip the thing from the thing, and get ready to kill.

Taras Nabad Slayer Gate & Slayer Key Locations – Doom Eternal Mission 9

You can find the Slayer Key in Doom Eternal Mission 9: Taras Nabad can be found after you complete the puzzle with radioactive water, the one where you have to dive from radiation shield to radiation shield. Climb up through the sewer and stop just before having to hop across into another arena (check out the pics below for visual assistance). Instead of jumping forward, head to the left and up the pipe, then left again to find the key.

After collecting the Key, time to find the gate. From the location of the key, continue forward through the gate that just lowered. Take the first right, then keep going straight, and there’s the gate. Just follow the pinkish-purple glow, and you’ll find it without much trouble.

How to Unlock Unmaykr in Doom Eternal – How to Use Empyrean Keys?

To unlock the Unmaykr in Doom Eternal, go down into the depths of the Fortress of Doom (check out the images below to see where to go). Press the button in the center of the machine to use all the Empyrean Keys you’ve already collected. Once you use all six, you’ll unlock the Unmaykr, and you’re gonna love it.

The Unmaykr is basically a rapid-fire BFG. It shares ammo with the BFG, and has a pretty amazing rate of fire, with each bullet turning anything it hits into red chunks and mist. The gun really lives up to its name. You switch between the BFG and the Unmaykr by pressing F on PC (and whatever the equivalent is on your console; the game will tell you what to press).

Slayer Keys Not Appearing Bug in Doom Eternal – How to Fix?

To fix the “bug” in Doom Eternal where the Slayer Keys are not appearing, you have to check if you’re using cheat codes. If you are, that’s your problem. The Slayer Keys will not spawn if you have the cheat codes on. You have to turn them off manually before attempting to replay a mission. Also, even if you’re playing a mission for the first time, where cheat codes can’t be used by default, it’ll still see them as on. So, make sure that you turn them off manually. If that doesn’t work, you might have to restart the game to fix the problem.

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    Just trying to figure out why i can’t pick up the keys? I’m playing on normal difficulty and on my first run through the key did not spawn. so i reloaded the level thinking many that could be the issue but still no key, i have tried this on the first 2 locations for keys to no avail. Any suggestions on what i am doing wrong? Playing on Xbox1 preorder basic edition


    1. F

      Had a similar problem, so from the doom slayer ship i reloaded a level but made sure to toggle all cheats off. Even if i used cheats before, starting a brand new level would prevent me from getting the keys.
      Might be a weird glitch by it isnt to difficult to fix

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