Doom Eternal Upcoming Update Promises Empowered Demons

Bethesda and id have been cooking up the first major update for Doom Eternal, and have now announced some of the more major aspects of it. The most interesting part of Update 1 are definitely the empowered demons, which we’ll explain in more detail below. Then, there’s also various improvements and enhancements to both single player and Battlemode, adding friends through, and more.

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Doom Eternal Upcoming Update Promises Empowered Demons
Doom Eternal Upcoming Update Promises Empowered Demons

So, what are the details of this Update 1 for Doom Eternal? Well, let’s start with the Empowered Demons. Here’s how those work, according to the announcement post. When a demon kills you in the single player campaign, they will then get “beefed up and transported to another player’s game to fight again.” The first player that manages to kill it will get “tons of health and ammo,” as well as “bonus XP to progress in-game events.” Kinda fun concept, I’d say; imagine the pure pants-filling terror of seeing a demon appear and knowing that it has already killed another player.

Then, there’s also Battlemode enhancements and quality-of-life improvements to the single player. The Battlemode will get “implementing Denuvo Anticheat features, changes to the tutorial walkthrough, poor network connection indicators, Echelon Leveling for players at the maximum level and a Death Report screen to offer players more combat insight mid-match.” Meanwhile the single player will get “expanded demon tutorials, Dashing vertically in water and adjusting toxic damage while swimming,” among other things.

Last, but not least, there’s the option to add friends via using Account IDs. And that’s just some of the stuff coming to Doom Eternal in Update 1, according to the announcement. Plus, there’s also the Invasion Mode to look forward to in the future, as well as the first DLC expansion, for those of you with the Year One Pass. So, yeah; the battle against the armies of Hell is far from over. Stay on your toes, Slayers.

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