New Bloodlines 2 Trailer Shows Off a Very Malkavian Christmas

There’s a new trailer for Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, revealed during the Inside Xbox presentation. It features a bunch of awkwardly dancing vampires, which is a big relief. Up until now, the developers have been focusing on showing off the branching story, the choices you can make, the different approaches to solving problems, but they’ve forgotten all about one of the main staples of the previous game – terribly janky dance animations.

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bloodlines 2 come dance trailer
New Bloodlines 2 Trailer Shows Off a Very Malkavian Christmas

It starts off with a clearly deranged individual dancing around a Christmas tree surrounded by corpses, stuck in various grotesque positions thanks to an abundance of fishing lines, with hooks buried into their cheeks, eye lids, extremities, etc. By the sheer joy said person exudes while dancing around their hapless victims, I’d guess it’s a Malkavian, but our resident World of Darkness expert says it might be a Toreador, too.

After we get a good look at their tortured, Source Film Maker-esque grimaces, there’s a brief walk around town before all kinds of feces starts colliding with the ventilator. There’s gangs, stabbings, eerie alleys enveloped in mist, then a lady dressed in smart business attire flips us off. And then there’s a shot of what can only be her CEO dancing around an empty apartment in his tasteful red shoes.

There’s a brief section where we see several different environments, like an eerie subway station entrance, an eerie church and an eerie greenhouse, then some more fighting and jumping across rooftops, then it’s time for SOME MORE DANCING. This time it’s at the club, and there’s no dead people around, but there’s one clueless git who’s clearly being seduced by the most obvious vampire there ever was. The por sod has no idea what’s coming. Anyway, if you want to give it a look yourself, you can find it here.

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  1. M
    Max B

    I am a huge fan of the first one and I am thrilled we are getting a sequel. With that said, the world looks sparse and and in some spots the visuals are lacking so i hope that either the final product will be enhanced and or the gameplay will be amazing.

  2. J
    Jim B

    Not at all a Malkavian! That is easily a Toreador. Fascination with baubles and the aesthetics of his puppets… it’s coherent and predictable. Just look at how he’s dressed! The flower should be a giveaway.

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