Doom 2016 Cheat Codes

Just like in previous Doom 1-3 versions, players can activate cheat codes in Doom 2016 PC version by typing them into the console. During gameplay, just press TILDE key (~) which will bring up the command console.
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After that you can enter the cheat code into the command window and press Enter to input.

doom 2016 cheat codes

Doom 2016 Cheat Codes

All Codes in the tables below are tested. Check back soon as we’ll update the tables with new commands and information.

GodToggles God Mode

The following Codes from Doom 2016 Alpha Build are not available any more:

iddqdToggles God Mode (Not including hazards) — On Nightmare Difficulty, causes health meter to tick down.
idkfaGives fully upgraded Health, Armor, Ammo Capacity, all Weapons, Weapon Mods (fully upgraded), Suit Mods, and all Suit Mod slots.
idfaGives fully upgraded Health, Armor, and Ammo Capacity.
idkaGives all Weapons and Weapon Mods. All Weapon Mods are fully upgraded.
idaGives all Suit Mods and full Suit Mod slots.
iddt Reveals all secrets, items, and unexplored area of the map.
idgkToggles enemy immunity to normal weapons. Demons can only be defeated with Glory Kills.

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