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Praetor Tokens are collectibles in Doom. You can acquire them by collecting data drives from corpses of Elite Guards.
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They can then be used to upgrade your Praetor Suit with new abilities, which will make your life easier. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Praetor Token locations in Doom, across all missions.

Mission 1 Elite Guard Locations

You can get only one token in the first level. After you unlock the blue door using the keycard, jump down into the valley. Turn left and go towards the exit – you’ll see a cave on your right. Follow it to the end, and you’ll reach a dead Elite Guard member.

Praetor Token Locations Mission 2

There are three tokes to be found in the second mission. Get to the security station where you have to use the yellow keycard (the one in the room next to the yellow door). Enter the tunnel on the left and turn right after a few steps. You’ll see a trapdoor on the floor. Drop down – after you kill the enemies waiting there, you’ll see the dead Elite Guard.

After you’ve used the yellow keycard at the security station, go back to where you found it. The door on the right will be unlocked. Go through it, past the tables and into the tunnel on the left. Drop down into the storage room and look for the corpse next to the forklift.

After you use the crane that carries the satellite dish to cross to the other side, enter the building and follow the corridors. When you reach a room with two columns in the middle and a bunch of enemies, turn left. Follow the corridor, climb up a ledge, and you’ll end up in a control room with a dead elite soldier.

Mission 3 Praetor Tokens

Go through the door on the opposite side of the main hall to the blue doors. Follow the corridors until you reach a pit. Jump down, then use the walkway to enter the small barred hallway on the right. The corpse will be there.

When you get to the room with the blue gas tanks and the large furnace, exit through the corridor with the shelves and the giant box. Go behind the metal crates by the door and climb them to reveal a secret passage. Follow it until you reach the body.

When you get to the part with the two large, round platforms, go through the door with the green lights behind them. You’ll find the corpse in the corridor, next to a crate.

Elite Guard Locations Mission 4

When you get to the courtyard with the blue forcefield go left into a small cave under the building. You’ll find the body next to the fence, propped up against a box.

Go past the forcefield and follow the path downward. Get onto metallic structure and dispatch the enemies to get to the corpse.

Use the boxes to the right from the forcefield to climb onto the higher platform, then go across the large fuel tank. Drop down onto the walkway and turn left as it ends. The guard will be on the floor.

Before you enter the final room, look to your left in the corridor. The guard’s body will be next to a couple of stacked boxes.

We’ll update the guide with more Praetor Token locations as we progress through the game.

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