Errors & Problems in Doom

Doom is out in the wild, and brave space marines are already having trouble with the most relentless enemy – bugs. As is par for the course, the game is littered with technical issues – some of which can be solved using simple fixes, while others will require waiting for the developers to straight them out.
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This guide will show you known errors & problems in Doom, how to solve or avoid them.

errors problems doom

Doom starts in developer mode

Activating a console command will put the entire game into Developer Mode, causing any further save progress to be flagged as developer-only. This includes any new Campaign save games created, or any old Campaign save games progressed, even if no console commands were active during the play of that save. If you make use of the command console, you will need to delete any Campaign save file that has made progress with a console command active and then relaunch the game in order to continue playing without Developer Mode.

Solution: You have to delete the save games and disable saving to cloud in Steam.

Doom constantly crashing

If you’re using an AMD graphics card, try rolling back to older drivers. The new version (16.5.2) seems to be causing crashes for numerous people. If you’re running Nvidia, make sure you DO have the latest drivers – they will make it run steadier. You can visit Steam Community post created by developers with the list for the latest drivers.

Doom is not starting

This is a known issue. First check for new drivers. If that doesn’t help turn off antivirus.

Poor performance on PC

If you’re having trouble running the game, there are several things you could do:
  • Go to Nvidia/AMD control panel, select the game and optimize it for best performance.
  • Turn off Vsync.
  • Play in fullscreen (not borderless fullscreen window).

Doom won’t work with SLI

Doom is supposed to have SLI support, but many users are complaining the game is forcing a single GPU instead of using their whole setup. Sadly, it seems no-one has found a way to fix this. If you’re affected by this, you’ll just have to wait for the developers to sort it out.

How to turn off mouse acceleration in Doom

If you want to turn off the mouse acceleration in Doom, you’ll have to edit the config file manually. Make a backup copy of the file before making any changes. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Go to C:\Users\your_username\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM\base
  • Open DOOMConfig.cfg in Notepad
  • Search for a line with “m_smooth” in it
  • Change the value from 1 to 0
  • Save and exit

How to turn off auto aim in Doom

You cannot. There is no way to turn of aim assistance in any version of the game, including PC. This is surely a mistake that will be fixed as soon as possible, but for now, you’ll either have to endure the magical curving bullets or wait it out.

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  1. B

    My HUD dissapeared!

  2. X

    Everything was deleted when you game crashed Fix It

  3. J

    The console thing is bullshit. Who ever knowingly let it get released like that is an asshole. I just beat the giant baron of hell at the second entry into hell and because I accidentally hit the tilde while fighting I now I have to delete my saves and start the game fresh. This to me is game breaking and just plain lazy on the developers for not fixing it so you have to enter a command to trigger this. I can’t even say screw the story and just play online multiplayer until I delete my save and re-verify my files on steam. I am seriously considering asking for a refund on steam until the issues such as this are fixed. If they are never fixed than I guess ID/Bethesda never wanted my money.

    1. N

      no shit I just did the exact same thing because I was jumping around like a school girl trying to kill the barron from hell on my second trip to hell. I hit the tidle key and was still pressing buttons next thing you know dev mode wtf. We both did the same thing on the same day amazing, I didn’t realise it affected my game until I bet the barron and it said none of this counts blah blah blah….and I said what….very pissed off considering I didn’t actually want to enter dev mode took me 7 trys to kill him in hell on the second part of the boss battle and it means shit now

    2. D

      me too, wtf is up with this? Not only was the story too short. but i can’t even go back and find all the sh*t i didn’t get on the first play through. Also you’re absolutely right about not being able to play multiplayer!

  4. M

    I’m playing on an Xboxone. I’m currently at the destroyed argent facility and just went back through levels and unlock secrets. Whenever I go back through the missions and unlock all the secrets, but continue my game from where I currently left off my secrets revert back to being locked.

    I know it’s because of the save file not having the unlocked secrets, but the game won’t just let me continue from the mission before the destroyed Argent facilty.

    Is there anyway to correct this issue on console?

  5. N

    Right near the start of the mission, there is a security quarters door that wont open after the lock-down has ended. The panel on the door still basically says “lockdown in effect.’ My map shows that there is an automap station and a suit upgrade in that room, I would love to get my hands on both those items! Interestingly, I can’t access the health station located RIGHT next to the particular door’s panel either; it has its typical blue highlight, but when I look at it I don’t get any prompt to toggle it. I’ve restarted the map multiple times and get the same result each time.

    Going forward to clear more monsters isn’t really an option either, as the map closes particular doors and locks them after you’re through.

    1. F

      @Nimo – maybe the way into that room isn’t through that door. (That’s an educated maybe). No love on the health station, tho.

    2. T

      There’s ano open vent in the ladies washroom ceiling just before on the left hand side

  6. T

    Im playing on ps and my problems is unique as i have not seen anyone post it. Simply put when i fire any weapon is just auto fires and i cannot stop it, at first i thought it was the r2 button but no other shooters have this problem and i even bought another controller and it still happens, anyone have any ideas?

  7. L

    it load up but I get an erro

  8. L

    I am thinking about selling the game it no good to me…………………….

  9. T

    You can disable auto-aim by going to Settings, then Controller and toggle Aim Assist.

  10. S

    Apparently I’m stuck in the floor. I can move but can’t get out of the floor. This happens now every time I try to load a previous level. It happens again after I delete the game then reload it. What the hell is going on with this game? I tried to find tech support for Bethesda but no joy. Anyone have anything I can do as I’m at the very last level of this game?

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