Doom Mission 2 Secrets & Collectibles - Resource Operations

Mission 2: Resource Operations is the second chapter of Doom. It will let you explore the mining operation on the planet, the offices and corridors of the giant metallic buildings, while the spirits of the dead guide you.
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There’s more than a handfull of collectibles here, some of which give you upgrade currency, while others do nothing but clue you in on the story. This guide will show you all mission 2 secrets & collectibles in Doom and where to find them.

Mission 2 Collectible Locations

The most important things to grab are the Elite Guard data chips and the Argent Cell. The automap near the beginning will make your stay here easier, revealing the whole map in an instant, while the secret room will unlock a classic Doom level. You can access this bonus level from the main menu. There are also some data pads, detailing the events that happened before you got there, as well as Marine toys. Here’s a video guide detailing how to get them all, in the order they appear in the mission:

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  1. C

    Why is there a text/image guide for the first mission, but not the rest? They’re so much more convenient than the video guides.

  2. O

    There should be a text/image guide. I don’t like watching videos because i have to search for the part where i am.

    1. J

      Then take the time and make one instead of bitching that someone else didn’t do the work for you.

      1. E

        The whole point of a comment section is to leave comments…

  3. J

    I agree with the above, the first level’s guide was so much better with the text/image. I’m literally going back to google to find another guide set now.

  4. M

    This video doesn’t show where things are on the map and skips important things. In my playthrough I was alright until the first field drone, I think. Then I must have missed a turn because I didnt find the hatch that came after it, missed all of the office facility and thought, oh well i guess thats still coming up. And then I was at the end of the level with only 2 secrets, 1 guard, and 1 field drone.
    Look for a text guide.

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