How to get Doom Demon Pre Order Multiplayer Pack

Players who pre-ordered standard or collector’s edition of DOOM will receive the Demon Multiplayer Pack, which includes multiplayer goodies like a demon armor set with three skin variations, six metallic paint colors and three id logo patterns for your weapons and armor, and a set of six Hack Modules – consumable items that will give you an edge in a multiplayer match.

doom preorder demon pack

How to get Demon Multiplayer Pack

Once you enter Multiplayer for the first time a message “Thank you for pre-ordering” will pop up. Click the OK button and your exclusive multiplayer goodies will be available under Customization tab.
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If you have any problems and your multiplayer pack don’t show up in the game you can try the following solutions:
  • Exit multiplayer, play campaign for a few minutes and go into multiplayer again.
  • For Steam users – restart Steam.
  • If on console, find the game icon > go menu > manage game > show all addons > install the multiplayer pack
  • Some players reported that they just waited for a few hours and the pack was available after that.
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  1. Y
    Your Hero

    OK after six hours of mucking around with it, trying to make it update it never did! I found the demon multiplayer pack in the store but no install button, only tells you it comes in a bundle. so here’s what works. Delete the whole game from your hard drive, find the icon for it in your games and apps area, click menu, manage game, show all addones, demon multiplayer pack, install . (10megs) the install game. Your welcome and good night

  2. B

    Now what do you do if you download it and you get no message for pre ordering

  3. N
    Nathan b

    Still not working. Thx xbox

  4. D

    Deleted both and re installed… Still not working

  5. A
    A trusty person

    I had this problem. I live in NZ so I got the game a little earlier so I thought it was just an early bug and they’d fix it when the game released in the States. I checked and I still didn’t have the dlc. For you xbox users, just to a hard restart on your console (hold power button for about 5-10 seconds, wait about 1 minute until the white light on your power box turns orange then unplug everything, replug then start up again) dlc should be found in manage game area

  6. I

    Downloaded and removed both again and still not working thx guys

  7. M

    I just got the game and I expected that the pack would work, so why won’t it work? I’ve redownloaded the pack several times and restarted my console 3 times.

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