Ghost in The Cemetery Trophy | Uncharted 4

Ghost in The Cemetery is a trophy in Uncharted 4. You can unlock it by beating the Scottish graveyard combat encounter in Chapter 8 without being seen or killing any enemies.
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If you fail the first time, there’s a checkpoint before it you can use to restart. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock Ghost in The Cemetery trophy in Uncharted 4.

After you leave the crypt, go through the tall grass on the left until you reach the building in the middle of the graveyard. Climb using the ledges on the left. Watch out for the patrolmen – when they look away, climb to the arches above. Grab onto the windows and use them to travel around the building. Switch to the inside at the second window. Wait until the guard across the way turns around, then run along the beam and jump to the ledge next to him. Drop down near the door, then wait for an opportunity to make a run for it.