Doom VFR Announced By Bethesda, Gets Reveal Trailer

Among Bethesda’s many E3 2017 announcements comes DOOM VFR. Players will finally get to tear through Imps, Hell Knights and Cacodemons in virtual reality. DOOM VFR also got a reveal trailer, which showed off some of the gameplay. The footage reveals that the game will work differently in VR.

Doom VFR Announced By Bethesda, Gets Reveal Trailer
Doom VFR Announced By Bethesda, Gets Reveal Trailer

Back when it launched in May of 2016, the reboot of DOOM caused a sensation. Gamers have long forgotten about first-person shooters that were nothing by high-octane carnage. That’s no longer the case, as we can see from the grand return of Quake. But, this all started, as back in the day, with DOOM. It was a grand return to the FPS days of yore, with gratuitous violence, no regenerating health behind cover and just plain fun.

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However, Bethesda still has some tricks up their sleeves when it comes to the DOOM reboot. During their E3 conference, they announced DOOM VFR, which stands for Virtual F*cking Reality, because of course it does. The announcement came with a reveal trailer, which you can check out below. It features a fair amount of gameplay footage, so we can kinda surmise how DOOM will play in VR.

As you can see, DOOM VFR won’t exactly work like the original game does. For one, we see some introduction scenes that presumably serve to get you accustomed to the VR controls. However, the main difference is the “teleport” mechanic. Due to the limitations of movement in VR, players will have to teleport from spot to spot. Some players are skeptical of the new mechanic, which isn’t baseless. One of the main draws of DOOM is the fluid, fast-paced movement. This will have to be sacrificed for the VR to work, and that might hurt the overall feel of the game. Not to mention the very likely nausea this kind of jerky movement has been known to cause.

However, I doubt this will deter avid VR players, especially those that also love the game. DOOM VFR will launch on PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive. So, if you own one of the systems, and you really want to get the feeling of shredding demons, you’ll want to pick this one up.

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