Metro Exodus Announced at Microsoft E3 Presentation

Artyom is returning! After years of radio silence, developers from 4A Games have announced Metro Exodus, the next part of their post-apocalyptic shooter set in the Moscow underground. They decided to show the game off during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, and they’ve released the footage from the presentation in the form of a trailer. Feast your eyes, conserve lighter fluid, and make sure you check those gas mask filters.

metro exodus announced
Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus picks up where Last Light left off – the Redemption ending, in which Artyom is helped by the Dark Ones, is canon. Your task now is to find a new home for your people. You will play as Artyom again, and the story will begin in Moscow. Soon enough, you’ll use a steam engine called Aurora to leave the damned place and head for greener pastures. Or, less grey pastures, at least.

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The Ukrainian developers are planning to mix linear underground levels with more open sections set above ground. These sandbox levels will allow you to truly explore the areas you visit, instead of just running through them. They’re calling it their most ambitious game to date.

You can expect to see a bunch of returning characters, as well as new people. The game will take place over a period of one year, so you’ll get to see seasons other than winter in this one. The trailer follows Artyom as he roams subway tunnels, before finally emerging in a small forest town by a river. The environments look amazing, and the town seems to be mostly populated by wild animals. One of those animals turns out to be a giant mutated bear soon enough.

Metro Exodus is going to be released at some point during 2018, on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Judging by the look of it, you’ll need a monster rig to run it at the highest possible settings.

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