Alien Whitefish Fin Muscle Location in DBZ Kakarot - Selfish Bulma

Alien Whitefish Fin Muscle is a rare material in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. It can be obtained by fishing a specific breed of fish in a specific location, but even then, it’s not guaranteed. You’ll need several of them for the Selfish Bulma side quest, which takes place on planet Namek. If you’re having trouble procuring the materials she requires, this guide will show you DBZ Kakarot alien whitefish fin muscle location.

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dbz kakarot alien whitefish fin muscle location selfish bulma side quest
Alien Whitefish Fin Muscle Location in DBZ Kakarot – Selfish Bulma

Where to find alien whitefish fin muscle?

To get the alien whitefish fin muscle, you’ll need to hunt the Namekian Whitefish. There are a bunch of fishing spots on the planet, but the ones we had the most luck with are the one next to Bulma, and the one in the northeastern corner of map. Go there and dip your tail in the water. Most of the fish you catch will be Namekian Whitefish, but there are lots of items you can get from them – livers, scales from different parts of the body and such. You can use a bait that increases the number of items you get to improve your chances of scoring the fin muscle.

Once you’re done, you’ll also have to collect some iron ore. You might already have a bunch of it in your inventory, like we did. If you don’t, just open up the map and look for mineral deposits. Loot enough of these nodes and you’ll get the iron you need. Now you just have to go back to Bulma and bring her the stuff, and she’ll reward you with a bunch of experience points, some brain bread and a handful of level 2 mega mass.

Not much of a reward, if we’re being honest – but I’d probably say that for anything apart from a soul emblem, so don’t mind me.