Nam the Peddler Location in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

DBZ Kakarot Nam the Peddler is an NPC that you’ll meet in the game, and that you can complete a side quest for to earn his Soul Emblem for the Adult Community Board. The quest itself is pretty simple, but there are some places that you might stumble a bit. With that all said, welcome to our Nam the Peddler Location in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Side Quest guide to show you where to find Nam the Peddler, how to complete the quest and get his Soul Emblem for the Adult Community Board combos that include him.

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Nam the Peddler Location in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Side Quest
Nam the Peddler Location in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Side Quest

Where to Find Nam the Peddler in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – How to Complete Quest?

To find Nam the Peddler in DBZ Kakarot, you’ll have to look for him in Lucca Village. He’s standing just outside the village to the south, past the cook. He’ll even have the handy blue exclamation mark above his head to indicate that he has a side quest for you. If you’ve unlocked access to him, you’ll have no trouble spotting the location. Talk to him to proceed with the Nam the Peddler mission.

The first step of the quest is pretty simple. You have to talk with the dude in the black shirt in the village. He’s standing between the two trucks and the two red barn-like buildings. Again, look for the blue exclamation mark. After you have a chat, head north to where the lake is above the waterfall. Look for the blue pillar of light. When you approach the NPC, you’ll have to fight some Skull robots. When that’s done, talk to the NPC, and they’ll give you what you need. Lastly, go back to Nam to wrap up the quest.

When you complete the Nam the Peddler side quest, you’ll earn a small amount of XP, one D Medal, a Book for Grown-Ups, and a Fancy Urn. On top of that, though, you’ll also earn Nam’s Soul Emblem, and it seems to fit best in the Adult Community Board. Some of Nam the Peddler Adult Community Board combos include the likes of World Tournament Regulars and others.

Nam the Peddler Quest NPC Not Appearing – How to Fix?

To fix the bug where one of the NPCs in the Nam the Peddler quest in DBZ Kakarot doesn’t appear, there are two things that you can do. You can try to leave the area completely and come back. This resets everything, and might also help with the NPC. Before that, though, you can also go to the east and complete the side quest that Eighter has to give you. That might also help your cause. In fact, if you have Eighter’s side quest already active, that might be causing the commotion.

That about does it when it comes to this guide. If you need further assistance, why not check out some of our other Dragon Ball Z Kakarot guides? Like, for example, Alien Whitefish Fin Muscle Location in DBZ Kakarot – Selfish Bulma, Maristone Location – Tourists in Trouble Side Quest, and Great Energetic Fish & Royal Tomato Locations.

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