Beast Meat Locations in DBZ Kakarot - Like a Different Person Quest

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Beast Meat is an item that you can get in the game, and is necessary as a cooking ingredient as well as the Like a Different Person quest. There are several ways to obtain Beast Meat in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, and the main method is hunting. However, not just any wild animal will do. So, here’s our Beast Meat Locations in DBZ Kakarot – Like a Different Person Quest guide to show you what you need to look for and how to get Beast Meat.

Beast Meat Locations in DBZ Kakarot Like a Different Person Quest
Beast Meat Locations in DBZ Kakarot – Like a Different Person Quest

Where to Find Beast Meat in Like a Different Person DBZ Kakarot Quest?

To find Beast meat in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot for the Like a Different Person side quest, you’ll first have to find the correct area to look in. The best way to pull that off is to highlight a location on the world map and hit Display Area Info. This will show you whether you can obtain Beast Meat from there. Some of the places that we’ve found them in include Gizard Wasteland, Blake Bog, Goku’s House, Olive Village, West City and Lucca Village. There might be other places that we’ve missed, so do let us know in the comments if we did.

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Anyway, what you’re looking for are the Fruit Trees. These are marked on your map as little white apples. Also, you want to make sure that they are in a grassy area. Ravines tend to be good places to explore, but that’s not a necessity. What you’re after at these Fruit Tree areas are gazelles or deer or some such animal. You’d think wolves might also drop Beast Meat, but they don’t. Once you have the deer in your sights, approach them and hit Circle (or whatever the equivalent on your platform). This will basically evaporate the poor beast, and the meat will be in your pocket.

All that said, I do also have to mention that there are some quests that also reward you with Beast Meat. One such quest is the Fifth Trainee Sub Quest, where you have to go looking for Yajirobe. All in all, it’s just kinda vague, kinda like the Frozen Rabbit Meat.

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