Gift Gohan Bug Solution - Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Gifts are an important part of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. They’re used to increase your friendship levels with certain characters, which unlocks rewards and levels up their soul emblems. There’s a tutorial that explains how it works pretty early on. It involves getting a gift from Gohan and feeding it to Goku’s soul emblem. There’s a bug that’s stopping some folks from progressing past this part, leaving them stuck in the tutorial. If you’re one of them, this guide will show you DBZ Kakarot gift Gohan bug solution, to help you free yourself.

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dbz kakarot gift gohan bug solution
Gift Gohan Bug Solution – Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Stuck after getting Gohan gift

During the Slice of Life mission, Gohan will gift you a book called Sacred Text of Martial Arts. In order to proceed with the game, you’ll have to give the gift to Goku. The tutorial will automatically send you to his soul emblem page, and there should be a button under his picture for giving gifts.

On console, this button is easily visible, since it’s the only thing you can interact here – it’s glowing, and the gamepad button used to choose it is written next to the word “gifts”. However, on PC, it’s considerably less visible. This is where a lot of folks are getting stuck. All you have to do is click the gifts button with your mouse.

dbz kakarot stuck tutorial gifts

This will lead you to a list of all the gifts you have. Selecting one will show you what effect it’ll have on the recipient. If you select the only one you currently have, you’ll gift it to Goku, increasing his stats and powering up his soul emblem a little. After this is done, you will be allowed to proceed with the mission, slowly opening up the world and learning about the game’s many faces.

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