Fleeting Normality Bug in DBZ Kakarot - Disappearing Materials

Fleeting Normality is one of the main story quests in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. In it, you’ll have to collect a bunch of ingredients for Chi-Chi, then find some rare materials for Bulma. It’s prety straightforward, but there’s a nasty bug that’s bothering a number of folks. If you stop the play session before completing the quest, you can end up in a strange limbo where you have the items, but the game doesn’t recognize them. This guide is going to show you how to get around the DBZ Kakarot Fleeting Normality disappearing materials bug.

dbz kakarot fleeting normality quest bug disappearing materials
Fleeting Normality Disappearing Materials Bug in DBZ Kakarot

How to fix disappearing items bug in Fleeting Normality quest?

If you turn off the game before completing the quest, when you boot it up again, you might encounter this bug. It will send you to give the materials to Chi-Chi or Bulma, but you won’t be able to, even if you’ve already collected them. The solution is relatively painless – you’ll just have to collect them again.

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Select Beast Meat, Frozen Rabbit Meat & Fatty Giant Fish locations for Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi will ask you to get her some Select Beast Meat, Frozen Rabbit Meat and Fatty Giant Fish. You can get Select Beast Meat by hunting the long-horned gazelles in the Central Plains Area. Frozen Rabbit Meat can be obtained from blocks of ice in the North Mountains Area. Fatty Giant Fish comes as a drop from Big Fish, which you can get from the pond west of Satan City, in the Southeast Mountains Area.

Memorite locations for Bulma

In the second part of the quest, Bulma will ask you to collect three pieces of Memorite. These are unique items that only spawn for this quest, and they only appear in a specific place. It is usually marked on the map, but if you experience the bug, the mark might disappear. It’s in the southeast part of the Southeast Plains Area, around a bunch of giant stone pillars near Goku’s house.

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  1. A

    Get to the house of Goku not in the mountains,speak to Chichi after gathered the materials, Chichi is in the house,i finished the quest right now

  2. J
    Jamal Dunston

    The memorite wont show up. i only found 1/3 and the other 2 are no where to be found.

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