Find Newly Restored Dragon Balls - Kami's Successor Bug in DBZ Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Kami’s Successor is a quest you’ll have to complete in the game. It requires you to go and find all seven newly restored dragon balls. Unfortunately, there’s a bug here making things difficult. Apparently, sometimes the dragon balls don’t appear in the world, or on the map. So, in our Find Newly Restored Dragon Balls – Kami’s Successor Bug in DBZ Kakarot guide, we’re gonna explain how you can fix this bug, as well as the locations where the dragon balls should be, in order to help you out.

Find Newly Restored Dragon Balls Kamis Successor Bug in DBZ Kakarot
Find Newly Restored Dragon Balls – Kami’s Successor Bug in DBZ Kakarot

How to Fix Dragon Ball Not Appearing Bug in Kami’s Successor Quest in DBZ Kakarot?

To fix the bug in the Kami’s Successor quest in DBZ Kakarot where the Dragon Balls fail to appear, there, unfortunately, isn’t much that you can do. At least, not as far as we can tell. The best we can offer you is try and reset the game, and, if that fails, try resetting the console / client instead. If that doesn’t work, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any solution. If you’ve encountered this problem, but have repaired it in a different way, by all means, let us know in the comments. Just keep it civil, eh?

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Alternatively, you might encounter a bug where the Dragon Balls do spawn in the world, but don’t spawn on the map. And, if you haven’t memorized their locations from before, this can present a bit of an issue that can take up a lot of your time and patience for no good reason. Fortunately, that we can help with. Let’s briefly go over all the Dragon Ball locations.

DBZ Kakarot Dragon Ball Locations

We’re gonna start from the far west, in the Sacred Land of Korin. This Dragon Ball is in the north of the map, northwest of the Training Grounds icon, between two Fruit Tree icons. It’s on the south side of the mountain, among the trees. Next, we’re going to West City; south of the city, to be exact, in the middle of the ocean. It’s hard to describe this location, so check out the image for reference.

Next stop, Gizard Wasteland. It’s in the northeast of the map, northeast of the Enemy Base icon. You’ll find it on the side of a huge rock formation. Onward to Darlinge Polynya. This one is easy, simply fly all the way west and look for the Dragon Ball among three tall fir trees.

In Lucca Village, the Dragon Ball is once again way in the west, next to the Training Grounds icon. You’ll find it in the shade of a large tree. Time to go down south to Papaya Island. Head to the far east of the map, towards the westernmost green tornado-like icon. Dive all the way down to the bottom of the sea to find the Dragon Ball.

Last, but certainly not least, the Kame House. This one is really rough to describe, since it’s once again in the middle of the ocean, and in the middle of the map, away from any discerning landmarks. Check out the image below to help you out. Basically, the dragon ball is right next to some really tall sea weeds.

kame house dragon ball location where to find dbz kakarot

And there you have it, all seven dragon ball locations in DBZ Kakarot. Hope you’ve found this guide useful. If you need help with anything else, check out some of the other DBZ Kakarot guides we’ve written. We’ve got Fleeting Normality Bug in DBZ Kakarot – Disappearing Materials, Nappa Not Showing Up – Saiyan Power, and Mystery of the Missing Tail Vegeta Missing Bug Fix, to name a few.

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  1. A

    I’ve found 6 dragon balls which were displayed perfectly fine on the maps but the last one at Kame House doesn’t show up. I’ve tried searching at where you have suggested but unfortunately it’s not there???

  2. G
    George Beretas

    I faced the bug that the last ball was spawned but it wasn’t visible on the map. That was on the Kameha House. To overcome the issue I had to fly over the whole map. When I passed over the spot the dragonball was, it then showed on the map. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. K

    I can confirm if it spawns on the map but not on the mini map just fly around and it will literally just pop up I just did it and I’ve been stuck on this for 4 days ?

  4. B

    The Dragon Ball is in the red ribbon tower the way to get it is to Fly over the red ribbon tower then use Ki-Blast to hit the satellite and then the tower will crumble down and the dragon ball is there on the ground.

  5. D

    Haha… i get all 7 dragonball before the quest. In freerun after frieza saga i collect them all…its disappeared..ooor.. not really. Left side on the minimap I see all7 all the time under android saga. Quest said: collect all 7…I got then but the quest bugged and can not move along…
    Or maybe y3s…worked after I travel another map/location XD

  6. I

    I had already collected all the dragon ball before that quest, so when it started I just couldn’t understand what to do. I decided to go to the sacred land of korin, to do the side quest that popped to me in there. When I traveled there, goku started talking about finishing collection of all the dragon balls, and then I got transferred to kami’s lookout and everything works out. Hope it will fix it for everyone

    1. Y

      Thank you so much! This is exactly what to do if you’ve already collected the Dragon Balls before this mission. Load in, BAM, Quest complete.

  7. B

    If you have collected all 7 dragonballs, just go to world map and change destination, Goku will then prompt as you arrive to whatever location, that he has found all 7.

    This worked for me, hope it helps.

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