Frieza Force Sergeant Location in DBZ Kakarot

Frieza Force Sergeant is one of the enemies you’ll encounter in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. He’s the cream of the crop when it comes to Frieza’s minions, and has a bunch of low ranking subordinates you’ll also get to pummel. A lot of folks have been wondering where to find this elusive enemy, so we’ve decided to write a guide that will show you DBZ Kakarot Frieza Force Sergeant location.

dbz kakarot frieza force sergeant location
Frieza Force Sergeant Location in DBZ Kakarot

Where to find Frieza Force Sergeant?

First of all, before any of the Frieza Force minions start appearing, you have to defeat Frieza. Once you’ve beaten the man himself, the FF soldiers (including corporals, sergeants, guerilla, commandos and super commandos) will start appearing. But they only appear on Earth. It would make more sense if they appeared on Namek, or at least you’d think so. However, they don’t – they’re only available on good old Earth.

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So once you’ve taken down Refriega, you could go around the Earthen realms looking for spaceships. There’s no telling which member of the Frieza Force is going to appear – if you’re looking specifically for the FF Sergeant, you might have to spend a while trying to goad him into showing himself. The central part of the map seems to be fertile ground for this type of enemy, so you could start looking there.

Like all the other unmarked map encounters, it all comes down to luck. If you’re lucky, you’ll hunt down a Frieza Force Sergeant in the first several tries. If not, you might spend hours upon hours fighting lesser FF grunts before the one you’re looking for shows up. Them’s the breaks. We wish you the best of luck, and if you figure out a place where they’re more likely to spawn, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments.

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