Gravity Crystal, Dimensional Lead, Ironcress Locations in DBZ Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Dimensional Lead, Ironcress and Gravity Crystal are items that you have to find in the game to complete the Frustrated Vegeta quest. All three items you need for the DBZ Kakarot Frustrated Vegeta quest are around the West City in the West Area, but they are strewn all across the place. The Ironcress, Dimensional Lead, and Gravity Crystal are really well-hidden, too, even at the bottom of the ocean. Since locating these items can be a bit of a headache, our Gravity Crystal, Dimensional Lead, Ironcress Locations in DBZ Kakarot guide is gonna show you exactly where to find them.

Gravity Crystal Dimensional Lead Ironcress Locations in DBZ Kakarot
Gravity Crystal, Dimensional Lead, Ironcress Locations in DBZ Kakarot

Where to Find Gravity Crystal, Dimensional Lead, Ironcress Locations in DBZ Kakarot Frustrated Vegeta Quest?

To find the Gravity Crystal, Dimensional Lead, and Ironcress for the Frustrated Vegeta Quest in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, the first step is to go to the West City in the West Area. We’ll start with the Gravity Crystal. Go all the way to the north of the city. You’ll find the item between two small hills. Check out the map below for the exact location, since it’s a little difficult to describe in words. Also, be ready to fight some of Frieza’s goons when you collect the Gravity Crystal.

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Next up, the Ironcress. To find that one, head to the east of the small lake in the area. As you approach, you’ll come across three Fruit Tree icons on the map. The grove you’re looking for is the middle one. It’s on top of a tall hill. Use your scanning ability to spot the purple orb containing the Ironcress among the trees. Nobody attacked us after we got it, thankfully.

Lastly, we’re going to go all the way south, southwest of the city, and into the middle of the ocean to find the Dimensional Lead. Fly above the water until you see the the radar-like circle appear on the map. Dive into the water inside the circle and look for a large, flat rock at the bottom. Use your scan to spot it more easily. Also, keep an eye on your breath gauge in the upper right corner so you don’t drown.

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