Refined Silver, Sturdy Bolt, Gear Bearing, Steel Nut Locations in DBZ Kakarot

Refined silver & iron, sturdy bolt, gear bearing, steel nut are materials used for upgrading the training room in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Some of them are common, while others are pretty rare. You’ll have to kill various enemies, mine mineral deposits, visit traders and look up specific places if you want to collect them all and beef up the room. If you’re having trouble finding any of them, this guide is going to show you DBZ Kakarot refined silver, sturdy bolt, gear bearing, steel nut locations.

dbz kakarot sturdy bolt steel nut gear bearing refined silver iron locations
Refined Silver, Sturdy Bolt, Gear Bearing, Steel Nut Locations in DBZ Kakarot

Refined iron & silver locations

Refined iron and silver are mined from mineral deposits, most commonly in the East Ravine Area. We managed to get some in the Central Plains Area as well, in the Gizard Wasteland. The best way to get them is by finding a place with several nodes close to each other, saving the game, then destroying them. If the wanted materials don’t drop, just reload and try again until you get what you want. Once you do, move on to another location.

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Where to find sturdy bolt?

There are three tiers of this material: S, L and Z. Sturdy Bolt S is the most common, and you can even buy it from the material shops, like the ones in Gingertown and Lucca Village. Sturdy Bolt L is a little less common, but you can get it from various spots in the world – look for a person standing in front of a vacant lot with a broken down car. There will always be items near the car, and you can destroy the vehicle itself for more. These respawn every time you leave the area, so they’re a constant source.

Sturdy Bolt Z is the rarest of them. We found a nice spot for farming them northwest of West City. It was on top of a rusted barrel next to the water tower. As far as we can tel, they don’t always spawn, so you might have to check back a few times.

How to get gear bearing?

This one also comes in three rarities. Gear Bearing S is the lowest tier, and you probably already have a stockpile of them. If not, you can buy them from the material traders in Gingertown and Lucca Village. Gear Bearing L is more rare, and can be found by destroying towers and abandoned cars all over the world.

Gear Bearing Z is the rarest one. We found it in a spot in the northeaster corner of the East Ravine Area. It’s one of those abandoned places with a ruined house, a water towera and a car wreck. Check everything and make sure you destroy the car. If it doesn’t show up, leave the area and come back – all the items will respawn.

Steel nut locations

Like with the two materials before it, Steel Nut S is the common of the bunch. It’s highly unlikely that you’re missing it, but if you are, make sure to check the material vendor stalls – like the ones in Lucca Village and Gingertown. Steel Nut L is the medium-rarity variant, mostly available in junkyards like the ones we’ve described above.

Steel Nut Z is the rare version, and we’ve found one specific junkyard where it usually shows up. It’s in the westernmost part of the East Ravine Area, near the training ground. Look for a glowing orb next to the car. If it isn’t there, leave the area, then return.

There’s another neat way to get these – go to Capsule Corp, and fly around the building. Picking up the items in the vicinity, then go inside the building and exit. The items will respawn. You can repeat this until you get what you came for.

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