Mira & Towa Secret Boss in DBZ Kakarot - Down with the Demon Realm! Trophy

Mira & Towa are a secret boss duo in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. They can be found late in the game, but you have to fulfill certain conditions before they appear. You only get to fight Mira, although Towa will provide him with moral support. Once you’ve defeated him, you’ll unlock the Down with The Demon Realm! trophy. If you’re wondering where to find and how to unlock them, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about DBZ Kakarot Mira & Towa secret boss fight.

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Mira & Towa Secret Boss in DBZ Kakarot – Down with the Demon Realm! Trophy

How to unlock secret boss?

Mira & Towa can be found in the middle of the Land of The Kais area. Before they appear, you’ll need to kill the villainous enemies in every area (the ones with the red explosion icon on the map). When you clear an area, new ones will appear. Keep fighting them until you get a message from King Kai, saying a very powerful enemy has appeared in the Land of The Kais. This is when Mira & Towa show up. Go there and follow the map marker – you’ll find them hovering high up in the air.

Mira is level 100, so make sure you’re well prepared to face him before you go. We’ve seen skilled players defeat him with a crew of level 75 fighters – either way, make sure you stock up on health potions before you go. He’s here to absorb your power and restore the demon realm to its former glory, after all, and that’s no laughing matter.

This is the only secret boss we’ve heard of so far, but we’re going to keep our ear to the ground. If anything new pops up, we’ll be sure to write about it, so make sure you check back from time to time.