Mystery of the Missing Tail Vegeta Missing Bug Fix in DBZ Kakarot

DBZ Kakarot Mystery of the Missing Tail Vegeta bug is a glitch where Vegeta does not appear during the sub quest. You can go to his location, but he just isn’t there, even if you don’t have him in the party. And the solution for the bug is just about the most counter-intuitive thing it could possibly be. All that said, I welcome you to our Mystery of the Missing Tail Vegeta Missing Bug Fix in DBZ Kakarot guide, in which we’ll show you how to solve the missing Vegeta glitch in this sub quest.

Mystery of the Missing Tail Vegeta Missing Bug Fix in DBZ Kakarot
Mystery of the Missing Tail Vegeta Missing Bug Fix in DBZ Kakarot

How to Fix the Missing Vegeta Bug in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Mystery of the Missing Tail Sub Quest?

To fix the missing Vegeta bug in the Mystery of the Missing Tail sub quest in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you’ll have to switch him into your party, then back out again. When you get the Mystery of the Missing Tail quest in the game, it flat-out tells you that you can’t have Vegeta in your party. So, I’ll assume that you’ve already done that. However, once you have to find Vegeta, he just isn’t there. So, what gives? How do you fix that?

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Well, what you have to do, as we’ve said above is to go into the Party menu. Then, switch Vegeta into the party instead of any other member. After that, switch him back out with whoever you’ve had in the first place. This should cause Vegeta to magically blink into existence right before your very eyes. Annoying little glitch, but at least it’s easily fixable. If this does not work, however, then you can try leaving that world and coming back in. Or just reset the game. However, I don’t think this will be necessary.

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  1. J

    This mission isn’t appearing at all for me.
    Not even the blue light where it usually tells me to.
    I’ll be honest, it was confusing to me, so I skipped it hoping that it’ll let me come back to it some how.
    Now that I finished the game, it bothers me that it’s still there telling me to ask Vegeta.

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