Car Parts Locations in DBZ Kakarot - Front, Control, Rear, Jet Parts

Car parts are crafting materials in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. They can be used to create a hovercar, a vehicle of dubious usability, seeing how every single one of the playable characters can fly. In order to build yourself a hovercar, you’ll need front, control, rear and jet parts. If you’re having trouble getting them, and you really want a car, this guide will show you how to get car parts in DBZ Kakarot.

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Car Parts Locations in DBZ Kakarot – Front, Control, Rear, Jet Parts

How to get car parts in DBZ Kakarot?

If you go to the Capsule Corp’s R&D at West City, you’ll be allowed to buy a car, provided you have enough money and the requisite parts. However, you almost certainly won’t have the parts. This is because those parts are obtained by combining different machine parts – they can’t be found out in the world or bought ready-made.

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Instead, you should open the second tab in the R&D store – it’s called machine parts. You’ll find listings for front, control, rear and jet parts there, and you’ll have to bring the materials and cash to craft each one before you can get a car.

How to get machine parts?

Crafting the car parts will require a copious amount of iron, and a bunch of other materials. You can get iron from mineral nodes across the entire world – you can use the same method we recommended for refined iron, which is to save the game whenever you find a bunch of nodes clustered together, then loot them and reload if you’re not happy with the results.

As for the other parts, you’ll need to salvage them from broken down cars found at abandoned facilities all over the place. We’ve listed several such places in our sturdy bolts, steel nuts, gear bearing locations guide. You can usually spot them from the air, because there’s always some guy there, talking about how there’s probably a bolt, nut or bearing nearby.

Here’s what you’ll need for each of the car parts:

  • Front parts:
    • Zeni x2250
    • Iron x15
    • Sturdy Bolt S x2
    • Sturdy Bolt L X2
  • Rear parts:
    • Zeni x2250
    • Iron x15
    • Axle Shaft S x2
    • Axle Shaft M x2
  • Control parts:
    • Zeni x2250
    • Iron x15
    • Gear Bearing S x2
    • Gear Bearing L x2
  • Jet parts:
    • Zeni x2250
    • Iron x15
    • Steel Nut S x2
    • Steel Nut L x2
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