Refined Iron Locations in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Refined iron is one of the materials you can find in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. It’s an ore that comes from mineral deposits around the world, but knowing which ones is the key to spending as little time as humanly possible acquiring it. If you want to know which deposits have the best chances of dropping it, and how to game the system to increase those chances even further, keep reading our DBZ Kakarot refined iron locations guide.

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dbz kakarot refined iron locations
Refined Iron Locations in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Where to find refined iron in DBZ Kakarot?

You probably won’t need large quantities of it at first – just a handful to upgrade the training room, or something along those lines. Still, it pays to know a good strategy. As you can see, the description states that it’s most often found in the East Ravine Area, but we farmed them in the Central Plains Area, in the Gizard Wasteland.

Since refined iron is a rare material, you could easily mine all the mineral deposits in the area and not find a single one. Instead of doing that, then traveling to another area to force the deposits to respawn, we found a quicker method.

Look for a place with several nodes near each other – like the deposit on the eastern edge of the Central Plains Area, next to the giant skeleton. Save the game there, then break all the deposits – if no refined iron appears, load the game and try again. Keep trying until you get at least one. If you need more, move onto another location, since this one will need time to replenish.

The same tactic can be applied to all the mining deposits – that is to say, the ores, minerals and crystals that come from them. It would be prudent to loot these nodes whenever you pass them, too, so you can accumulate some stones without having to farm them.

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