Cinematic Super Attacks in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Cinematic super attacks are a kind of combat move in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. They’re no more effective then regular supers, but they wrest control of the camera out of your hands and frame the scene in such a way that it looks cool. The game doesn’t do a great job of explaining how to pull them off, which means there’s a bunch of people wondering how to perform cinematic supers in DBZ Kakarot.

dbz kakarot cinematic super attacks
Cinematic Super Attacks in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

How to perform cinematic supers?

Although they aren’t functionally different from the regular super attacks, the cinematic versions are nice to see from time to time. They made us feel more Saiyan, at least. Performing them is pretty easy.

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First, keep hitting your enemy with attacks that drain their stun bar (the purple one below the health, in the upper right corner). Once you’ve drained it completely, the word “break” will appear in the middle of the screen and slow the game down for a second of two. After this happens, activate a super attack. It will end up a cinematic super, giving you a better view of your raging character getting ready to pummel the enemy.

They change depending on which super attack you’ve chosen for the occasion, which means there’s a handful of them. After a while, you’ll probably end up being bored of them, but you’re going to enjoy yourself while they’re still new and fresh.

Remember to consult the tutorials section of the options whenever you’re in doubt about how to perform a certain move. And if you get stuck with any other part of the game, make sure you check out some of the other guides we’ve written – we’ve covered community boards, endgame content, various quests, like For The Future, and countless other topics.

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