Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trophies / Achievements List Guide

Trophies and achievements in Dragon Ball Z are rewards you get for completing different tasks in the game. In all, there are forty-two Dragon Ball Z achievements for you to get. The trophies include one Platinum, four Gold, a handful of Silver, and the majority are Bronze, as is commonly the case. In our Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trophies / Achievements List guide, we’re gonna show you all of them, including what you have to do to unlock them. Just keep in mind that there will be some SPOLIERS here, because we’ll also show you some secret achievements.

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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trophies / Achievements List Guide
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trophies / Achievements List Guide

Achievements & Trophies in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

There is a total of forty-two achievements / trophies for you to unlock and collect in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. One of them, of course, is the Platinum trophy, which you get for completing all the others. The list also includes four Gold achievements, nine Silvers, and the rest are good ole Bronze ones. We’re gonna dive right into the list now, but before we do, one final warning; this list also includes secret trophies, which do include SPOILERS. Click away and come back if you want to avoid them. Still here? Okay, here we go.

  • Dragon Ball Master – Obtain all trophies (Platinum)
  • Forner Foe – Win the simulation battle against Piccolo (Bronze)
  • Worse For Wear – Complete the Saiyan saga (Silver)
  • Emperor No More – Complete the Frieza Saga (Silver)
  • Earth’s New Champion – Complete the Cell Saga (Silver)
  • Bye-Bye, Buu – Complete the Majin Buu Saga (Gold)
  • Helping hand – Complete a sub story (Bronze)
  • Do-gooder – Complete 10 sub stories (Bronze)
  • A Dark Omen – Defeat your first Villainous party (Bronze)
  • Evil All Around – Defeat 20 Villainous parties (Bronze)
  • Purging the Plague – Defeat 30 Villainous parties (Silver)
  • Down with the Demon Realm! – Win the battle against Mira (Gold)
  • A Voice In My Head – Receive a telepathic message from King Kai (Bronze)
  • Who Needs A Phone? – Received 20 telepathic messages from King Kai (Bronze)
  • Wish Maker – Summon Shenron from the Dragon Ball menu to make a wish (Bronze)
  • Getting Greedy – Summon Shenron 5 times (Bronze)
  • Shenrons Favorite – Summon Shenron 10 times (Silver)
  • Push It To The Limit – Complete 10 challenges at the training grounds with any character (Bronze)
  • Tough Enough – Complete a Level 10 challenge in the Training Room (Gold)
  • Excavator – Destroy a boulder blocking a cave (Bronze)
  • Demolition Artist – Destroy 10 boulders blocking caves (Bronze)
  • There’s Nothing Like A Home Cooked Meal – Make a full course meal (Bronze)
  • Only The Finest – Make 5 full course meals (Bronze)
  • Medal Madness – Collect 10 D medals (Bronze)
  • Heavy Medal – Collect 100 D medals (Silver)
  • Newfound power – Acquire a Super Attack or Mastery in the Super Attack skill tree (Bronze)
  • Highly skilled – Acquire 50 super attacks or Master he’s in the Super Attack skill tree (Bronze)
  • A Super Warrior Is Born – Acquire 100 super attacks or Masters and the Super Attack skill tree (Silver)
  • Not Worth My Time – Get an instant Victory on an enemy (Bronze)
  • Can’t Touch This – Get 50 instant victories on an enemy (Bronze)
  • Let The Building Begin – Build a machine part (Bronze)
  • Get Out Of My Head And Turn Into My Car – Build a hover car (Bronze)
  • Robot Rider – Build a bipedal robot Walker (Bronze)
  • Tell Me More – Unlocking entry in the Z encyclopedia (Bronze)
  • Thirsty for knowledge – I’m like 200 entries in the Z encyclopedia (Silver)
  • Fountain of Knowledge – Unlock 400 entries and the Z encyclopedia (Gold)
  • Turtle School Trainee – Complete a turtle school training Challenge and report to master Roshi (Bronze)
  • Turtle School Master – Complete 20 Turtle school training challenges and report to master Roshi (Bronze)
  • Turtle School Legend – Complete 50 Turtle school training challenges and report to master Roshi (Silver)
  • The Power Of Friendship – Use 10 super attack assists (Bronze)
  • Z Combo Zealot – Perform 10 Z combos (Bronze)
  • Flashy Finish – Win a battle with a Super Finish (Bronze)

So, there you have it. Forty-two challenges for you to complete. To be fair, pretty much all of them revolve around just playing the game and some grinding. But, well, that’s the case with pretty much any and every open-world game, isn’t it? And, don’t worry, we’re already working on more guides that will help you complete some of the achievements / trophies in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Stay tuned.

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