Slay The Spire Update Adds Watcher Character, New Relics, Cards & Potions

Slay The Spire version 2.0 is finally live, and it has brought the Watcher character into the game proper. After months in the beta branch, the “blind ascetic” is finally available for all to enjoy. At first glance, it seems like a minmaxer’s wet dream – I’m going to dive right in and bring back a report in a few days. In the meantime, read on to see what else is new.

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slay the spire update adds watcher character
Slay The Spire Update Adds Watcher Character, New Relics, Cards & Potions

Here’s what I can tell you about the Watcher at first glance – it’s a bit overwhelming. It has cards with a bunch of new traits – scrying, stances, retain, etc. The whole point of the class seems to be in giving the player the tools to plan out several moves in advance by trimming their deck on the fly and having tighter control of the drawing process. I might be wrong, though – I’ve only played about with it for the shortest time.

Apart from the Watcher, there are quality of life improvements (like 4:3 support for all you CRT elitists), visual and mechanical tweaks as well as more than a few new cards, potions and relics. There are eighteen new relics – half of them are Watcher-specific, while the other half are available to all. There’s fourteen new potions, too – three for the Watcher, two for the Ironclad and the Defect each, one for the Silent and six for anyone to use. The compendium now has a special section for potions, so you can just jump into the game and check them all out there.

If you want to check out the full change log, head on over to Steam and take a look at the update notes. Or just fire up the game and take joy in discovering the new stuff yourself.

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