Can You Romance Pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2

The Pawn system is one of the most unique things about the Dragon’s Dogma series, and DD2 is no exception. These are NPC companions that follow your Arisen (that is – the main character) and obey your commands. Every Pawn is completely loyal to you, and you never have to worry about them refusing to follow your orders. Even better, you can also customize all of their aspects – from their looks, personality, voices, to their Vocations, gear, and behavior. And considering that there are romances in Dragon’s Dogma 2, many players are wondering – can you romance Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma 2? We have the answer to this question right here.

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Can You Romance Pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2
Can You Romance Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Can You Romance Your Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To give a short answer to this question – no, you can’t romance your Pawns in DD2. Sadly, this isn’t something that you can do in the game, and the reason for this is due to the way that Pawns work. Namely, it’s best to think of them as not really autonomous beings. They exist primarily as a tool for the Arisen. Because of that, they can’t really be in a true romance, as this requires consent and feelings and motivations that are independent of the Arisen.

So while you can deepen your bond with your Pawns, romance is off the table. Of course, it’s always possible that this is going to be changed in an upcoming patch or DLC, but the odds of this happening are – frankly – really low. Thankfully, there are many other characters to romance in the game, so your Arisen won’t be starved for love and attention. It’s best to view Pawns purely platonic, or, even better – in strict business terms. While they care for your wellbeing, this is more akin to a relationship between a bodyguard and the person that they are protecting, than anything resembling romance.

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