Dragon's Dogma 2 Release Time & Countdown

In our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Release Time & Countdown guide, we are going to show you when the game is coming out on PC, Xbox S/X and PS5. There are pretty big differences, depending on which platform you’ll be playing, which is why we’ve decided to put together this article and hopefully clear things up. Let’s begin!

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dragons dogma 2 release time & countdown
Dragon’s Dogma 2 Release Time & Countdown

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Release Times for PS5 & Xbox

The release date and time of Dragon’s Dogma 2 on PS5 and Xbox is March 22nd at midnight in your local time zone. According to this tweet, the only exception to that is the west coast of the United States, where the game comes out on the 21st at 9 PM. Other than that, you can expect to start playing when the clock strikes midnight on the 22nd where you live. Which, yes, does mean that some regions will be able to hop in earlier than others. Which also means you can mess with your console to make it seem like you’re in Australia or New Zealand. That way, you can begin playing way ahead of schedule. Doing so can mess with other things, though, so only change your location if you’re certain you know what you’re doing.

When is Dragon’s Dogma 2 Coming Out on PC

When it comes to PC, the release time and date of Dragon’s Dogma 2 will differ drastically depending on where you live, because it’s not a rolling launch. According to the same tweet, the game will launch at midnight GMT, which is 1 AM CET / 8 PM on the 21st EDT / 5PM PDT, etc. So, instead of listing every timezone, here’s a countdown for you to follow. That should make things significantly easier.

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