Pixel Heroes Tier List March 2024

Pixel Heroes: Tales of Emond is a casual game in the style of classic 90s JRPGs. You know the drill – the world is threatened, and only you and your band of Heroes can save it. And, like in most games of this type, you will need to select only the best characters to use. Though, as there are so many of these, it can be very difficult to figure out which ones perform the best, and which ones you can safely not even use. We’re going to rank them all in our Pixel Heroes Tier List March 2024.

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Pixel Heroes Tier List March 2024
Pixel Heroes Tier List March 2024

Pixel Heroes Tales of Emond Tier List of Best Characters

As you can see, we have ranked all of these Heroes in different tiers. The best ones go in Tier S, while the weakest ones end up in Tier D. If more Heroes get added to the game, we’re going to update this list with the new rankings. And now, let’s see the entire Pixel Heroes Tier List:

  • S Tier: Goddess of War Valkyrie, Shroud Walker Chen, Floriya Melissa, Psychopomp Charon, Camarilla Bloodline Toreador, and God of Time Cronos.
  • A Tier: Lady Justice Themis, Star Guardian Freyja, Goddess of Death Hela, Succubus Adlith Morrigan, Lost Torrent Yuna, Snowflakes Annelia, and King of Uruk Gil.
  • B Tier: God of Death Thanatos, Dawn Paladin Brigitte, Stellar Master Alkaid, Barbarian Puck, Ent Garret, Wings of Wish White Star, Forest Princess Elena, Iron Fist Ryu-Lin, Acolyte Raphaela, Divine Dancer Gronru, Eternal Spear Irelia, Green Ranger Caroline, Divine Hammer Frostie, Blast Bunny Alice, Siren Syndra, Dragonborn Mona, Moonborn Hudson, and Fuzzy Prowler Anata.
  • C Tier: Whisper of Wind Royelle, , Shepherd’s Dream Sicinina, Bounty Hunter Edha, Spirit Prophet Zorshan, Duo Lancer Minos, Novice Magician Lilith, Shaman Abka, Glory Excalibur Allande, , Silver Hunter Diana, Ice Guardian Ainu, and Phoenix Garuda.
  • D Tier: Darcy, Hunter Aivenk, Jac Orc, Deadeye Jelika, and Novice Swordsman Executer.
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