Activate Cherry Windmill Dying Light 2 Climb and Unlock Cherry Windmill

Windmills are some of the most important places in Dying Light 2. This is because, when you unlock and get them running again, they not only provide safe zones, but also enables nearby previously abandoned buildings to become Faction Structures. As such, you will want to get these working whenever you run into them. One of the earliest Windmills you will come across in DL2 is the Cherry Windimill. Located in Houndfield, you will need to climb to the top in order to get it in a functioning state. However, as our Activate Cherry Windmill Dying Light 2 Climb and Unlock Cherry Windmill guide will show you, this can be very tricky to pull off.

Activate Cherry Windmill Dying Light 2 Climb and Unlock Cherry Windmill

How to Climb & Activate Cherry Windmill in Dying Light 2

When you hover over the POI icons on your map, you will get some information about these locations. This includes info such as rewards, and what you will need in order to accomplish this. For example, the Cherry Windmill requires that you have a minimum of 300 Stamina to be able to climb to its top. Do not even attempt to do this if that isn’t the case, since you won’t be able to do it. You will need to upgrade your Stamina to Level 8, and this requires that you have found 24 Inhibitors which you can use to increase your Stamina to this amount.

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If you do have the necessary Stamina, go to this location. While standing directly in front of the Cherry Windmill, you will notice a yellow board that you can grab hold of. While you are holding onto it, look behind you. You will see a mechanism moving up and down. Time your jump right and then jump and grab onto it. Again, turn behind you. You will see another yellow surface that you can grab onto. Jump to it. Right from it, you will see a yellow-colored railing that you need to jump to next. When you have done so, pull yourself up. All of this can take a couple of tries until you get it right, but the hard part is over now. All that’s left is to continue going up until you reach the top and unlock the Cherry Windmill.

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