Activate Magnolia Windmill Dying Light 2, Climb and Unlock Magnolia Windmill

To climb, unlock and activate the Magnolia Windmill in Dying Light 2, you’re gonna have to solve a mini-puzzle with switches and platforms. It’s not super-hard, but it might be the first time you’re faced with such a situation. Basically, you have to turn the moving parts on and off in order to parkour your way to the top. We’ll guide you through the whole process in this guide, step by step.

activate magnolia windmill dying light 2 climb and unlock magnolia windmill
Activate Magnolia Windmill Dying Light 2, Climb and Unlock Magnolia Windmill

How to Climb & Activate Magnolia Windmill in Dying Light 2

To activate and unlock the Magnolia Windmill in Dying Light 2, you need to climb it. Therein lies the true rub of this particular mini-puzzle, as we’ll explain in a second. First off, let’s show you where this windmill actually is. You’ll find it in the south of the Wharf region, not far from its border with Muddy Grounds. Check out the screenshots below to see where to look for it.

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Now, once you get to the windmill, you’ll see that it has two parallel bars going up and down. Pay them no mind for now. Instead, climb onto the lowest platform and look at the little electrical box on the edge. Flip the switch, and the parallel bars will settle into a position you can use to climb them. When you reach the higher bar, scoot over to the right and jump onto hard ground, then flip the second switch to reactivate the bars.

Next, to climb and activate the Dying Light 2 Magnolia Windmill, hop back onto the parallel bars and then onto the stacked cement blocks that presumably serve as some kind of counterweight. Turn around and jump across the parallel bars (don’t grab them but walk across them) onto the even higher platform. Flip yet another switch, and the counterweight will start moving, too.

Make your way back on top of the counterweight, and it’ll take you straight up to the windmill proper. All that’s left to do is interact with the yellow fuse box. After the usual cutscene, you will have unlocked the Magnolia Windmill in Dying Light 2 and get all the appropriate bonuses.

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