Ada or Madlen Choice Dying Light 2 Perfume Quest

The Ada or Madlen choice in the Dying Light 2 Perfume quest comes at the very tail end of the mission. You basically have to decide which of the two ladies Horace who gives you the quest, should end up with. Since there are a few choices in this game that have long-reaching effects, you might be wondering whether this is one of them. And, if it is, which should you choose? Well, let’s find out.

ada or madlen choice dying light 2 perfume quest
Ada or Madlen Choice Dying Light 2 Perfume Quest

Madlen or Ada Choice Dying Light 2 Perfume Side Quest

The choice between Madlen or Ada in the perfume side quest in Dying Light 2 does not matter one gosh-dang little bit whatsoever, as far as we can tell. Whichever you choose, the quest will end, and you’ll get the same rewards regardless. It’s not even like you get some kind of dramatically different response from Horace. Whichever you choose, he’ll agree with what you say and… that’s that. Granted, he does sound a little more enthusiastic if you tell him to go for Ada, because he’s so obviously smitten by her. So, it’s really just a matter of your moral judgement as to who he deserves to be with. Personally, I would prefer if I could ignore the question completely and beat Horace up for the nonsense he just put Aiden through, but that’s just me.

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So, yeah; when it comes to the Ada or Madlen choice in the Dying Light 2 Perfume side quest, just go whichever way you want to. There are some choices in this game that completely change its course, yes. Fulcrums upon which the rest of Aiden’s destiny turns, that resonate through the rest of the story and even decide the fates of NPCs. This is not one such choice, and to be honest, the game treats it as such. But don’t worry, it’s not some secret rug-pull where a seemingly minor choice actually ends up being important. It just does not matter whatsoever. If you need help with anything else in the game, check out some of our other Dying Light 2 guides, like The Answer to the Ultimate Question Safe Code, Find the Lost Boy and Get Left Finger of Glova Secret Weapon.

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