Get Korek Charm Dying Light 2 Infinite Weapons Durability Blueprint

The Korek Charm comes from a blueprint, and if you get it you can have infinite weapons durability in Dying Light 2. It repairs a weapon’s durability by 500 when applied. This is useful, as most weapons become useless when their durability meter hits zero. What is great about the charm is that it can be added repeatedly, keeping a weapon around as long as you like. Read on as we discuss how to get the Korek Charm in Dying Light 2.

Get Korek Charm Dying Light 2 Infinite Weapons Durability Blueprint
Get Korek Charm Dying Light 2 Infinite Weapons Durability Blueprint

Your first step is to complete the Broadcast story mission. This allows you access to a lift that will take you to the top of the VNC Tower. This is the tallest building in the Central Loop. You can get up there using grappling hooks alone, but it is tough.

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From here, you need to jump and glide across to a building with a large white antenna on top. It is southwest of the VNC Tower. When you land on this building you will see a number of trees and a generator.

How to Get Korek Charm in Dying Light 2 Infinite Weapons Durability Blueprint

Interact with the generator and place a cable into the socket. Once you have the cable, you need to hold it in your hand and drop off the building. This is on the east side and your aim is to get into the second open window. Step backwards off the building and deploy the parachute.

Once in the building, you need to plug the other ends of the cable in. This should go into a red generator within the room. When complete, travel directly opposite to the other side of the room and take a cable from the green generator. Repeat the process, dropping from the window next to it and falling into the second open window space. Plug the cable into the second red generator.

One more green generator is opposite near a balcony. Get the cable, follow the walkway along to the left and jump off onto a second platform below. Turn right and jump off the building to the next platform. Plug the cable into the final red generator and interact with the panel next to it.

A set of double doors will then open. In it is a coffee table with a set of cushions around. Starting with the set of cushions that have a red lantern on, sit on them in a counterclockwise motion. The fourth cushion should reveal the Korek blueprint on the coffee table. You can check the process out in this awesome video by Asheswolf on Youtube.

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