Dying Light 2 Authority Pack Outfit, PS5 CE-107880-4 Error

The Dying Light 2 Authority Pack outfit and PS5 CE-107880-4 error are sadly inextricably linked, if you own the game on PlayStation 5. All of you that are on that platform and don’t know how to claim the new DLC, well, just know you’ll have to wait until the devs take care of the problem. Everybody else is going to be able to enjoy the Peacekeeper-themed clothes and weapon.

dying light 2 authority pack outfit ps5 ce-107880-4 error
Dying Light 2 Authority Pack Outfit, PS5 CE-107880-4 Error

Dying Light 2 Authority Pack Not Showing Up in Stash – PS5 CE-107880-4 Error

The Authority Pack Dying Light 2 DLC is not showing up in the stash of PS5 players, giving them the CE-107880-4 error instead of the promised outfit. It seems to only impact PlayStation 5 players. What seems to be happening is that the game downloads the PlayStation 4 version of the DLC or something, I’m not entirely sure. What I do know is that you’ll either get the error, or you won’t even see the bundle, or you won’t even be able to start the download. In other words, it’s all a bit of a nightmare at the moment. Sadly, the only thing that you can do about it, as far as we know, is to wait for Techland to fix this issue. I don’t think you’ll have to wait for it too long; everyone trying to play on PS5 is having the same problem.

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So, that’s all we know about the PS5 CE-107880-4 error, but what exactly is in the Dying Light 2 Authority Pack, once you manage to figure out how to claim this new DLC? Well, it’s going to have three parts. The first one will contain a chestpiece, joggers and sneakers, the second gloves, bracers and headgear (aka a mask that covers the lower half of your face), and the third will have a weapon, which seems to be half an engine block on a big metal pipe. All the gear is based on the aesthetics of the Peacekeepers faction, aka the more police-state people. You can see what it all looks like in the image above, or in the official trailer.

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  1. M

    This is messed up. First off, releasing a skin pack in 3 separate parts is ridiculous.
    Second, c’mon TechLand.. literally EVERY ps5 user?

    1. F
      Floyd Howard

      Just download the PS4 dlc and it’ll appear on the PS5 version.

  2. S

    Thats a 4-cylinder intake manifold on the weapon not “half an engine block”. 👍

  3. L

    Even worse I still can’t use the pre-ordered DLC’s that I got. So now they go and give me another one that I cannot use. I love Techland but I cannot help but think this is ridiculous at this point!

  4. F

    Just download the PS4 dlc and it’ll appear on the PS5 version. Simple.

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