Upgrade Ship Lost Ark, Best Ship to Upgrade

While you won’t be able to sail right from the start of Lost Ark, once you do unlock this feature, the game-world will open up dramatically, allowing you to steer your ship towards many continents and islands you haven’t previously been to. As such, your ship is very important, and you are no doubt wondering which ship to upgrade. Well, in this Upgrade Ship Lost Ark, Best Ship to Upgrade guide, we will give you an answer to this question.

Upgrade Ship Lost Ark Best Ship to Upgrade

How to Upgrade Ship in Lost Ark

Once you reach Item Level 420, you will get a Ship Material Chest in your inventory. When you open this box, you will see that they contain materials that you will need to upgrade your ship. These include Basic Timber, Uncommon Ship Parts, Blueprints, etc. When you go into your ship screen, you will see that you are now able to upgrade it. The button for this is in the top right corner. Doing this will increase all of your ship’s stats, such as speed and resistances.

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If you find yourselves running out of Basic Timber and Uncommon Ship Parts, you will need to obtain more of these. You can buy the Basic Timber for Pirate Coins from Tea and Libra Guid Vessels. And you can get Uncommon Ship Parts from the Processor NPC Vendor located at Vern Castle.

Lost Ark Best Ship to Upgrade

While this best ship comes down to personal preference and how much you are interested in grinding, most players are content with the starting ship – Estoque. This is an all-around excellent ship, and you can easily spend the entire game upgrading just this single vessel. If you are interested in a more speedy ship, then Astray is likely to be right up your alley, but getting this ship requires a lot of grinding.

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