Best Early Artifact Weapon Dying Light 2 Antique Hammer Location

Weapons in Dying Light 2 are divided into four types of quality. As their name suggests, Artifacts are the most powerful out of these. What sets them apart from lower-tier weapons is the fact that they have three mod slots, much better stats, and considerably higher durability. Since every weapon breaks down after a while, Artifacts are especially useful. And, as it happens, you can easily get your hands on a really good Antique Hammer near the start of the game. That is, if you know where to look for it. Our Best Early Artifact Weapon Dying Light 2 Antique Hammer Location guide is here to tell you exactly where it is.

Best Early Artifact Weapon Dying Light 2 Antique Hammer Location

Where to Find Antique Hammer Dying Light 2 Artifact Weapons

In Old Villedor, you will come across military containers. Usually, these are in GRE Anomalies, so it’s best to visit them during the day. This way, you won’t have to deal with hordes of strong enemies and you can simply waltz in. This particular container is in Trinity, near the border with Horseshoe. The GRE Anomaly in question is C-A-05. When you approach this container, you will see a prompt notifying you that you can unlock it with your GRE Access Key. You don’t need to mess around with lockpicking, just click and use it and the door will open.

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Inside, you will find several things. The object you are looking for – the Artifact Hammer, is directly right from the door, on a shelf. You can’t miss it. You will also find several health items, such as an immunity booster and medkit. On the other side of the room, there is also a locked container. You can pick this lock for even more loot. However, the unique Hammer Artifact is definitely the most important thing about this container. Our advice is to use it when fighting those early-game bosses – it can make quite a difference.

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