Get Military Airdrop THB-NW4 Dying Light 2, Reach the Rooftop in Downtown

To be able to acquire Military Tech in Dying Light 2, you will first need to get a hold of Military Airdrops. Since these are in some of the hardest-to-reach places in the game, this is easier said than done. Take the Military Airdrop THB-NW4 as an example. This MA is on top of one of the highest buildings in DL2. And, as you will see in our Get Military Airdrop THB-NW4 Dying Light 2, Reach the Rooftop in Downtown guide, there are two ways you can reach it, though neither method is particularly easy. Let’s see both of them.

Get Military Airdrop THB-NW4 Dying Light 2, Reach the Rooftop in Downtown

How to Get Military Airdrop THB-NW4 in Downtown Rooftop Dying Light 2

As we mentioned, you can do this in one of two ways. The first method requires that you have the Paraglider. Only, there’s a catch here. Looking over the description for the Military Airdrop THB-NW4, you would assume that a regular Paraglider will do the job here. Sadly, this is incorrect. What you actually need here is to first upgrade your Paraglider to Level 2. This upgrade will let you use air vents to propel you to greater heights when you fly across them and press S. To upgrade your Paraglider, you will need 2 Military Tech and 1,000 Gold. If you have both of these, simply head to the nearest craftmaster to unlock this upgrade.

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With this Lvl 2 upgrade unlocked, go to the building that is overlooking the skyscraper with the Military Airdrop THB-NW4 on it. Get on top of the smaller building first. You will see air vents there. Use these to propel yourself into the air and you should have enough altitude to reach the MA.

The other way to get this Military Airdrop THB-NW4 is to first complete the “Broadcast Story” quest. When you have done so, this will give you access to the VNC Tower. This building is even taller, so you can take the elevator up to the roof, and jump from there, easily paragliding to the building that has the Military Airdrop THB-NW4 on its roof. Of course, this quest takes place farther in the game, so it may take a while until you can get the Military Airdrop THB-NW4 this way.

Paraglide from the VNC Tower.
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