Dying Light 2 Co-op Not Working - Network Disconnected Error

Dying Light 2 has had several problems since release, one of which is a network disconnected error message that results in co-op not working. This is preventing players from doing co-op games with friends. The games day one patch had over 1000 fix issues, but the co-op error did not seem to resolve with it. That has left everyone frantically searching for a solution. Below, we tell you everything you need to know about the Dying Light 2 co-op not working problem.

Dying Light 2 Co-op Not Working - Network Disconnected Error
Dying Light 2 Co-op Not Working – Network Disconnected Error

If you have tried to play a co-op game in Dying Light 2, you may have encountered a problem. This reads as a Network Disconnected Error. Unfortunately, it means that you can’t play gaming sessions with your friends. It is also worth noting that even if you don’t get this, you don’t have the option to co-op right away. You need to play the game before the option becomes available.

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Should you be wondering how to fix co-op play in Dying Light, unfortunately, you can’t. The problem is out of your hands and needs a developer solution to solve it. While this is frustrating, it is a matter of waiting. It is going to need a fix, patch or update to solve.

On PC, check Steam or the Epic Games store. Developers are aware of the issue and released a patch that has mended the issue for some players. Check for any pending updates and download them. If there is no update, then relaunch Steam or Epic. The update will be 240 MB. Download it, let it finish then restart the game. You will then need to launch another co-op game and see if it works.

For console players, even less can be done. You will need to wait for a patch from the developers, which is not currently available. Luckily, the developers have said that they are working around the clock to fix any bugs in the game. Keep checking back here for updates.

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  1. R

    My idea was to play on Xbox with my brother, and now nothing

  2. W

    Dropped 100$ on a game I can’t even play online not to mention it took 6 years to make I’ve been an avid supporter for techland since dying light first dropped all I expect is for the multiplayer to work graphics are cool n all but if the game is unplayable then what’s the point of it looking so good night as well just hang a painting

    1. W

      4/10 stars due to multiplayer not even working just staring at empty slots with no option of aying with others the crazy part is I’m game sharing I bought the game and I can’t play online but he can what’s up with that I bought ps plus thinking that was the issue but no it’s just a reason they should have pushed back the release date again if your gonna drop a game make sure the key points of interest work at least

      1. R

        They fixed a ton of glitches within the first 48 hours. They clearly will have the multiplayer glitches within the next 24 hours fixed so no need to rate a game based off of launch when some games have had way worse launches and taken longer to fix worse glitches. Clearly not an “avid supporter” just a weirdo who cant wait 2 days to play a newly released game.

        1. R

          You’re part of the problem if you support normalizing broken releases especially on something as fundamental as co-op.

        2. D

          Well this isn’t true at all now is it. Network issues have persisted and it’s the 10th at least on xbox new gen and now it has removed the ability to join any group at all staying disconnected takes the fun out of the game

        3. T

          And yet here we are, past your “24 hours” and its still unplayable online. All games need to be rated in their release state. If they can’t put out a quality product when they release it then they need to be penalized. Take the time and finish it properly so these aren’t issues when the game releases.

  3. N

    Same happened to me on my XB and I was bummed. My husband suggested maybe it was the wifi so we wired up and now it works!! Hope this helps 🙏

  4. K
    Kevin B

    Just got the network disconnected error, so it’s still a problem using Xbox platform. Hopefully it gets fixed

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