Crossplay in Dying Light 2 Cross Platform Not Working

A lot of people think that crossplay in Dying Light 2 or cross platform is not working. And why wouldn’t they? Nobody can play the game with people on other platforms, or even the same platform but different console generations. Of course that’s gonna make some of you upset. But does that mean that crossplay doesn’t work, or that it isn’t even there at the moment? Well…

crossplay in dying light 2 cross platform not working
Crossplay in Dying Light 2 Cross Platform Not Working

Does Dying Light 2 Have Crossplay / Cross Platform

The short answer is, no, Dying Light 2 does not have crossplay, or cross platform play. At least, not at the time of writing. The only exception to that are Steam and Epic Games. Yes, both of them are on PC, but they are two different platforms on the same system, so it counts in my book. As for everybody else, well, you are not so lucky. If you’re on PlayStation, you can’t play with friends on Xbox or PC. Same goes for Xbox people; no playing with PC and PlayStation people. You can, of course, experience the game with friends on the same console. If you have the game on Xbox One, you can rock Dying Light 2 with other people on Xbox One. But not Xbox Series X/S.

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Unfortunately, the fact that Dying Light 2 doesn’t have crossplay or cross platform play extends to console generations. No playing between PlayStation 4 and 5. Same on Xbox, as we’ve explained in the paragraph above. There’s not even any cross-progression if you decide to switch platforms. It’s a bummer, but I do have to mention again that this is the situation at the moment. During the game’s life cycle, which the developers have said will be five years, they might add all the crossplay / cross platform features. If that does happen, we’ll be sure to update the guide. Meanwhile, you’ll just have to stick to playing Dying Light 2 with friends that you share your platform with.

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  1. P

    So you’re telling me the promises they made about cross play/platform being their top priority during development was a lie?
    They suddenly announce this within a week of release knowing full well many of us have already pre-ordered the game and claimed it.
    No matter what they claim, this was done purposely because some rich POS in charge instructed them to so people will be forced to buy it on multiple platforms to play with friends.
    I wish companies were penalised for this as it’s blatant false advertising.

    1. B
      Big joe

      how many people wouldn’t have bought the game if this was clearly announced…..

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