Dying Light 2 Double Jump Not Working Explained

In our Dying Light 2 Double Jump Not Working Explained guide, we’re going to cover several bases. For one, we’re going to show you how to double jump in DL2. As in, we’ll explain how to unlock it and how to trigger it. That, I think, will help you understand why it might not be working for you – you might just not be doing it right. And in your defense, it is really hard to pull off.

dying light 2 double jump not working explained
Dying Light 2 Double Jump Not Working Explained

How to Double Jump in Dying Light 2

To double jump in Dying Light 2, and we’ll get to why it might not be working, you first have to unlock the ability through the Parkour skill tree. You can see where it is in the image above. Before you do, you can forget about having the double jump in your arsenal of moves. Once that’s out of the way, there’s still the matter of how to use it. The description in the skill tree is… a little off. If you think the double jump broken, it’s not, it’s just weird. In order to activate the double junk, you have to double-tap the jump button as soon as you initiate a vault. You also have to be looking at the ledge you’re trying to reach. The timing is really tricky to get down, you will need to practice it before you go messing around over deep chasms. In order to perform the double jump you have to double press the jump button right before you reach the obstacle.

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So, that’s how to do the double jump in Dying Light 2, and that’s why you might think it isn’t working – it’s very finicky to do. If you can’t double jump, you might be doing it wrong. It’s basically like the far jump, but vertical. It’s sadly not like a Mario thing where you jump and then jump again while still in the air. That wouldn’t really fit the overall realistic, gritty vibe that the game is going for, wouldn’t it? So, before we wrap up, once more for the cheap seats in the back. First, unlock the double jump in the Parkour skill tree. Then, to execute it, double-tap the jump button when beginning a vault while looking at the ledge you want to hop to. Practice in places that aren’t too high up until you get the hang of it.

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  1. S

    That’s good to know. But what are they doing about multi-player not working on console? Pre-ordered the ultimate edition and my friends can’t even stay in a game session over a couple minutes. Or it just doesn’t work. Yes, my Nat type is open. Yes I’ve done ALL the recommended trouble shoots. It just doesn’t work, just like the first game. Very disappointing in that aspect.

    1. Y

      It works its just bugged you must have less than 300 friends to access multiplayer for some reason

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      Steve's friend's mom

      Hey Stevie honey, I’ll be home alone tonight if you wanna earn some money to buy one of those super gaming PC’s.
      I’ll keep the door unlocked 😉

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        Steve's friend's mom's husband

        Hey Steve we talked about it, I will actually be in the closet watching. You will get even more money this way and I’ll get to have fun too. See you later. 😜

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    Steve's friend

    Sounds like Steve should have bought the PC version.

    1. S
      Steve's friend's friend

      Sounds like Steve should have bought the PC version.
      Ps: Oh hi Steve’s friend!

  3. A
    A dying light pro

    That’s not how it works at all. It’s a real double jump. It’s like the couple small jumps a long jumper takes before the actual long jump. You jump, then land, then jump again and the second jump will be much higher and farther than the first. You just have to do that off of objects. Ie: jump from an AC unit to a chimney and then jump from the chimney to the next roof and the jump from the chimney will be boosted by the jump before it.

    1. A
      A more pro dying light pro

      You basically explained the same thing in other words… you both stated the same thing which is the truth. YOU NEED TO VAULT TO DOUBLE JUMP! Double jump is a chained parkour skill meaning it can’t be initiated without a vault.

      1. A
        A more pro dying light pro'er

        I agree with A more pro dying light pro I think a dying light pro is just over explaining the article and it’s not really that complicated I should know being a pro

  4. B

    No it’s exactly as explained here and what they show in the video tutorial in the skill tree Pro lol

  5. R

    Press jump to initiate vault, press again during vault for double jump, on console it’s r1, for long jump it’s l1. This makes it sound like it’s vault, r1, r1?

  6. B

    So there’s the far jump: On console its L1 or LB after a vault
    Then there’s the double jump which isn’t actually another double jump but something similar to the far jump.
    Double jump: Double tap R1 or RB and you will go higher than you normally would, it definitely has it’s uses.
    Don’t think it’s bugged at all tbh

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    Steve, boys, it’s time for lunch! 😂

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    Wtf I’d goin on with Steve?

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    Steves Moms'Friends Moms Friends Dad

    Yall ate all wrong. You have to vault first to initiate the double jump. Which you then activate by double tapping jump.

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    You got it all wrong guys…

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    Sleeper Cell Steve

    “Gaming PC” was actually the term to wake me up and my goal as a sleeper cell is to eliminate the Steve lineage.

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