Dying Light 2 Double Time Bug Solution

The Dying Light 2 Double Time bug solution might not be ideal, but it is the only one that we know of that works. the bug in question is the one where the Double Time quest keeps reappearing even after you’ve completed it. No matter what you do in the quest or which choices you make, it just keeps coming back. While it is annoying, its’ far from the worst glitch in the game, and there is a fix for it. So, let’s dive in.

dying light 2 double time bug solution
Dying Light 2 Double Time Bug Solution

Dying Light 2 Double Time Keeps Coming Back Bug Solution

The one solution for the bug where the Double Time quest keeps coming back in Dying Light 2 is simply to ignore it and keep playing. I’m serious. After you complete a number of main missions, the quest should go away. I can’t say exactly at which point, but it will. And even if it doesn’t, there’s nothing that you can do about it. Restarting the game doesn’t work; completing the quest while making different choices every time doesn’t work; no common software remedy does a single thing to help out. I mean, if you know of any other solution, let us know in the comments; you’ll spare many of us the headache. But, yeah, the only thing we’ve seen work is to just keep playing like the errant mission isn’t even there until it goes away.

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So, that’s our solution to the Dying Light 2 Double Time keeps coming back bug. It’s not the ideal solution, I’m going to be the first one to admit it. However, until the developers patch this little stinker out, there’s nothing else to do. This one is squarely on them. At least, in this case, the quest eventually completes itself. More importantly, it doesn’t block off your progress in other quests, which some other bugs absolutely do. For example, there’s the bug with quests not updating in Dying Light 2. There’s also the bug where you can’t turn on the power in the building at one point where that’s crucial or the one where you get stuck on waiting for Matt’s summons. It’s all… a bit of a mess, to put it lightly. The Day One patch had hundreds of fixes, yes, but there’s still a very long way to go.

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  1. N

    I have the same issue but I’m not that far in the story so I need to play more to see if it disappears.
    But does the xp you get from that quest is gone when you close the game or can we do it over and over to gain more xp ?
    I need to check this ^^
    Amyway, have fun playing !

    Good night, and good luck.

  2. T

    Same here, this double time bug is a real headache for us completionists. Waiting for them to patch this one

    1. K

      Exactly man they say just keep playing and ignore it there’s no way!

  3. M

    Don’t forget to mention this annoying audio bug of Aiden’s breathing rapidly like you can hear his breathing 5 times in the same time and with different breathing audio

  4. T

    I have a big glitch it won’t let me pay on my bed from day to night in the game it says not safe and it won’t let me do the main missions keeps playing same music constantly don’t know what to do so frustrated

  5. K

    this problem exists through-out the game. Every time I talk to a main mission giver I HAVE to quit, then continue, before the mission can complete. It started when I did a side mission, just after starting the game. It happened sometimes but is now everytime. I’m in chapter 20 now . Is a real paini in…. you end up doing the mission more than once for it to progress. I call that “MISSION BLOCK”. It doesnt matter if “side” or “main” mission.

  6. P

    same problem here but it didnt go away after beating the game

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