Get Military Airdrop THB-22B Dying Light 2

The Military Airdrop THB-22B is an early-game Military Drop that you can get in Dying Light 2. Since these are the only way you can get Military Tech – which is used to upgrade your Nightrunner Tools – you will want to get to every Military Airdrop that you can. When you first spot this particular Military Airdrop, you will wonder if it is even possible to reach. Well, as we’ll see in our Get Military Airdrop THB-22B Dying Light 2 guide, it definitely is.

Get Military Airdrop THB-22B Dying Light 2

How to Get Military Airdrop THB-22B in Dying Light 2

The Military Airdrop THB-22B is located in Horseshoe. It is high in the air, on a destroyed bypass. This bypass is barely standing, with only the areas around the support pillars still not destroyed. Luckily, there is scaffolding around these that you can use to climb up. What you are looking for specifically is the support pillar with the large yellow construction beam next to it. Use the scaffolding to climb to the top where the construction beam is. When you have reached this point, carefully jump on the construction beam. Carefully walk to the other end of the beam. Turn around. You will see that there are holes in the surface of the support pillar. Jump on them and start climbing up.

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You’ve climbed on the support pillar. However, this isn’t done yet, since this isn’t the support pillar with the Military Airdrop THB-22B. There is a Nightrunner’s Hideout up here, so get the generator running to unlock it. On the other end of the pillar, you will see a crane with a yellow rope. Approach it and jump on the rope to swing to the other support pillar. The Military Airdrop THB-22B is here, so feel free to loot this container.

How to Get Down from Military Drop THB-22B?

But how to get down once you’ve reached the top here? Approach the edge. You will see that there is a mattress with a big blue X painted on it. Jump on it. Don’t worry, it will absorb your fall and you won’t incur any damage. That’s what these mattresses are for.

Jump on the mattress.
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