Maya Choice Dying Light 2 Negotiate or I Don't Pay

During every playthrough of Dying Light 2, you will be forced to make many choices along the way. Sometimes, these choices will have big consequences, and sometimes they won’t change anything too important. But every choice you make will help you define what sort of character your Aiden is. Take for example the choice of what to do when haggling with Maya. As part of the Main Story Quest “The Only Way Out”, you need to get the Lazarus weapon that she has in her possession. The only problem is, she is offering to sell it for 500 Credits. This is a huge amount of money, and you can either choose to “Negotiate” the price, or flat out refuse and say “I don’t pay.” To help you make the right choice, our Maya Choice Dying Light 2 Negotiate or I Don’t Pay guide will cover all the choices here and their repercussions.

Maya Choice Dying Light 2 Negotiate or I Don't Pay

I Don’t Pay or Negotiate Dying Light 2 Maya Choice

During the course “The Only Way Out”, you will come across Maya. She is just a kid, and she has looted the Lazarus weapon from a corpse. Since you need this weapon, you will have to deal with her. She offers to sell it to you for a whopping 500 Credits! You can either select the “I Don’t Pay” option, or select “Negotiate”. While both of these will result in you getting the weapon, they also differ in how you do this. So, let’s take a look at the “I don’t pay.” option first.

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If you select this option, Aiden will refuse to pay anything to Maya. He will threaten Maya with calling the PK, and this will result in her giving up the Lazarus weapon free of charge. Maya will, of course, not be too happy about this, but she will hand over the weapon to you without too much complaining.

On the other hand, if you choose the “Negotiate” option, Aiden will reduce the asking price to just 10 Credits. Needless to say, Maya will be much happier with this result. After you pay her the 10 credits, she will give you the Lazarus weapon in return.

Consequences of Negotiate or I Don’t Pay Maya in Dying Light 2

Both of these choices will have the same result – you receiving the Lazarus weapon. The only difference is the way you treat Maya. While there are no long-term consequences for either of these choices, we prefer to just pay her the 10 credits. After all, she is just a kid living in a zombie-infested world, and she needs all the help she can get.

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